Creative Two Point Plays from Swinging Gate Formations


Creative Two Point Plays from Swinging Gate Formations

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Transform Your Team's Performance

Discover the secrets behind the most innovative two-point plays from swinging gate formations that have consistently put points on the board. With Coach Alex Kirby's comprehensive guide, your football team will surprise defenses and keep them guessing every week. This isn't just a compilation of highlights; it's a deep dive into the strategy, execution, and adjustments of a game-changing special teams package.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Expert Guidance: Learn from Coach Alex Kirby, a seasoned Special Teams Coordinator with firsthand experience in implementing successful swinging gate formations.
  • Comprehensive Content: Over two and a half hours of detailed breakdowns, including what worked, what didn't, and why.
  • Personalized Strategies: Discover how to tailor two-point plays to your team's unique strengths and personnel.
  • Avoid Common Mistakes: Benefit from learning the largest mistake Coach Kirby made, allowing you to bypass similar pitfalls.
  • Innovative Play Ideas: Gain access to even more creative play concepts that have yet to be unveiled on the field.
  • Rich Resource Material: Includes extensive video content, offering both installations and films of each play for visual learners.

Why Choose This Guide?

Whether you're a seasoned coach looking to expand your playbook or a new coach seeking to make a significant impact, "Creative Two Point Plays from Swinging Gate Formations" offers invaluable insights and practical advice to elevate your team's special teams performance. With this guide, scoring more points and adding a dynamic element to your play-calling is within reach.

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Who is Coach Alex Kirby?

Coach Alex Kirby is the Special Teams Coordinator at Ben Davis High School in Indianapolis, IN, and the founder of Throw Deep Publishing. He's renowned for his innovative approach to football strategy and special teams play.

Is this guide suitable for all levels?

Yes, coaches at all levels of football can benefit from the strategies and insights shared in this guide. The principles can be adapted to fit any team's needs.

How can I access the video content?

The video content is available for streaming at Upon purchase, you'll receive immediate access to all the material included in this guide.