Creating an �Indicator� system allowing for multiplicity


Creating an �Indicator� system allowing for multiplicity

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Maximize Your Team's Performance

Designed by Luke Amstutz, the esteemed Head Coach at East Noble High School in Kendallville, IN, the "Indicator" system is a revolutionary approach to enhancing team performance across various sports disciplines. By adopting this system, you're not just coaching; you're architecting a path to victory through strategic insights and adaptable methodologies.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Customizable Framework: Tailor the system's application to fit your team's unique strengths and weaknesses.
  • Multiplicity in Approach: Implement diverse strategies that cater to different game scenarios, making your team unpredictable and more competitive.
  • Enhanced Decision Making: Equip yourself and your team with the tools to make quick, efficient, and more informed decisions on the field.
  • Innovative Training Techniques: Incorporate cutting-edge training methodologies that focus on both physical and mental aspects of the game.
  • Proven Success: Benefit from a system developed by a seasoned coach with a proven track record of transforming teams into champions.

Transform Your Coaching Approach Today

Whether you're coaching a high school team or looking to bring innovative strategies to higher levels of competition, the "Indicator" system offers a comprehensive solution to elevate your coaching game. Embrace the system that adapts to your needs, focuses on growth, and delivers results on the field.


Is the "Indicator" system suitable for all sports?

Absolutely! While it was developed with football in mind, the system's principles are adaptable to a wide range of sports.

How difficult is it to implement the "Indicator" system?

The system is designed for ease of integration into existing training regimes, with support available for coaches to adapt it seamlessly to their teams.

Can this system improve player performance individually?

Yes, while it's a team-focused system, individual players will see significant improvements in decision-making, versatility, and overall performance.