Crack Screens and Screen Pass Option


Crack Screens and Screen Pass Option

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Unlock the Potential of Your Team

  • Comprehensive Learning Materials: Includes Playbook materials, Video Teach Tapes, and PowerPoints to thoroughly understand the fundamentals of Crack Screen and Screen Pass Option.
  • Expert Guidance: Taught by veteran coach with 19 years of coaching experience across high school, college, and the NFL.
  • Proven Strategies: Learn from a coach who has contributed to the development of top-tier talent, including NFL players.
  • Exclusive Insights: Gain access to Screen Power Point Presentations and Downloads for an in-depth understanding of screen plays.
  • Free Teach Tape and Sample Clips: Benefit from 14:57 minutes of free teaching tape and 4:26 minutes of sample clips to see the concepts in action.

Why Choose Crack Screens and Screen Pass Option?

  • Maximize Offensive Efficiency: Learn how to effectively integrate screens into your offensive strategy to confuse defenses and gain substantial yardage.
  • Enhance Team Performance: With materials designed for easy understanding and application, your team can quickly adopt these strategies to improve game performance.
  • Build a Dynamic Offense: Diversify your offensive playbook with screen plays that can adapt to any defensive setup, making your team unpredictable and formidable.

Meet the Coach

Guided by the offensive mastermind and seasoned coach, who has not only developed NFL talent but also set school records in college offenses. His diverse coaching background, from high school to the NFL, including significant achievements like assisting in the development of Super Bowl-winning quarterback Joe Flacco and orchestrating record-setting offenses, ensures that you're learning from one of the best in the field.


  • Is this suitable for coaches at all levels?
    Yes, this program is designed for coaches from high school to professional levels looking to enhance their offensive playbook.
  • How will this product help my team?
    By incorporating the Crack Screen and Screen Pass Option into your playbook, your team will gain a strategic edge, improving both play variety and offensive efficiency.
  • Are there prerequisites to using this program?
    No, the program is structured to guide coaches through the fundamentals up to advanced strategies, regardless of previous knowledge on the subject.