Course 9: Quick Passing Game


Course 9: Quick Passing Game

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Revolutionize Your Football Strategy

Introducing Course 9: Quick Passing Game, a comprehensive video series that blends time-tested West Coast Passing concepts with the modern dynamics of Spread / RPO systems and traditional Wing-T Gap blocking patterns. Dive into a curriculum designed to enhance your team's quick passing game, combining short QB drops with rapid WR routes, all based on precise timing.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Multiple Formation Mastery: Learn to leverage multiple formations, gap blocking, and quick passing to keep the defense guessing.
  • Advanced Play Action Pass (PAP) / Screen Techniques: Incorporate PAP and screen plays to diversify your offensive playbook.
  • Effective Tempo Control: Use multiple tempos to dictate the pace of the game and put your team in control.
  • Detailed Route Schemes: Master a variety of route schemes including Hitch, Slant, Speed Out, and Vertical concepts, tailored to quick game philosophy.
  • Comprehensive TAG System: Utilize player(s) tags to maximize game night effectiveness, ensuring versatility in your playbook.
  • Quarterback Decision Making: Accelerate your QB's decision-making process with traditional progression reads.
  • Extensive Game Film Analysis: Gain insights from detailed game film analysis, covering a wide range of play scenarios and adjustments.

Why Choose Course 9: Quick Passing Game?

Developed by Coach Mathieson, a veteran coach with a record of transforming offenses and leading teams to success, this course is your ticket to unlocking a high-powered, efficient offense. His expertise, combined with actionable strategies and techniques, makes this series a must-have for coaches looking to elevate their game.

What's Included in the Course?

  • Over 40 detailed video lessons covering everything from positions & alignments to game day scenarios.
  • Exclusive insights into the Quick Game Series, focusing on the QB-WR dynamic and protections.
  • Downloadable PowerPoint resources for easy implementation and review.
  • Access to game film analysis for practical learning and application.


Who is this course for?

This course is ideal for coaches at all levels seeking to enhance their offensive playbook with quick passing strategies.

How will this course improve my team's performance?

By implementing the strategies taught in this course, you can expect to see a more dynamic offense, quicker decision making from your QB, and a more potent passing game.

Can I access the course materials anytime?

Yes, upon purchase, you will have unlimited access to all course materials, allowing you to learn at your own pace.