Course 8: Complete Belly Weakside Series


Course 8: Complete Belly Weakside Series

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Transform Your Offensive Strategy

Developed by the esteemed Coach Roger Holmes, the Complete Belly Weakside Series is your roadmap to mastering the traditional DOWN play, famously known as the BELLY. Dive into a comprehensive guide designed to elevate your team's performance to championship-winning heights.

  • Proven Success: Crafted by Roger Holmes, a legendary coach with a 231-game winning record, a STATE TITLE, and 8 REGION Championships in Georgia and Tennessee.
  • Innovative Techniques: Learn from the simplified blocking system inspired by the legendary Wing T coach Herschell Moore, enabling 7 different blocking methods out of 10+ formations.
  • Interactive Learning: Gain unique insights with on-field demonstrations, practice videos, and Coach Holmes mic'd up sessions, bringing the play to life.
  • Exclusive Content: Access detailed breakdowns of the Inside Zone of the Wing T, alignments, backfield action, footwork for halfback, wingback, and fullback, plus offensive line calls against various defenses.
  • Game Film Analysis: Enhance your strategy with extensive game film analysis, including techniques to remove OLB by formation, the slam technique, and belly sweeps, among others.
  • Comprehensive Resource: This course offers everything from foundational skills to advanced tactics, including a downloadable PowerPoint and bonus content from the Southeast Wing T Clinic.

Why Choose the Belly Weakside Series?

Whether you're aiming to refine your offensive strategy or revolutionize your team's play, the Complete Belly Weakside Series offers an unparalleled depth of knowledge. This course not only shares Coach Holmes's successful methodology but also provides practical, on-field applications that can be immediately implemented into your coaching repertoire.

Who Can Benefit?

From seasoned coaches seeking to expand their playbook to newcomers looking for a winning edge, this course is designed for anyone with a passion for football coaching. Elevate your game and lead your team to victory with the insights and techniques of a proven champion.


  • Who is Coach Roger Holmes? Roger Holmes is a highly respected football coach with a successful career spanning over two states, boasting a record of 231 wins, including a state title and eight regional championships.
  • What will I learn in this course? The course covers detailed strategies and techniques for the Belly play in football, including blocking systems, footwork, offensive line calls, and game film analysis.
  • Is this course suitable for new coaches? Absolutely. The Complete Belly Weakside Series is designed to cater to coaches at all levels, offering both foundational skills and advanced tactics.
  • How can this course improve my team's performance? By implementing the strategies taught by Coach Holmes, you can enhance your team's offensive efficiency, adaptability, and overall performance on the field.