Course 5: Seven Ways to Run Buck Sweep


Course 5: Seven Ways to Run Buck Sweep

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Transform your football team's performance with the unparalleled wisdom of Roger Holmes, a legendary coach whose strategies have led to unmatched success on the football field. Dive deep into the intricacies of the Buck Sweep play with "Course 5: Seven Ways to Run Buck Sweep," and discover the secrets that have outmaneuvered defenses time and time again.

Why Choose This Course?

  • Proven Success: Learn from Roger Holmes, a coach with 231 wins, two STATE TITLES, and 8 REGION Championships in Georgia.
  • Detailed Strategy: This isn't just any Buck Sweep. It's a comprehensive guide to executing the play with precision, making it virtually unstoppable.
  • Versatile Blocking System: Utilizing Herschell Moore's innovative blocking system, discover adaptable strategies that can counter any defensive play.
  • Record-Breaking Performance: Understand the tactics behind Holmes' team's remarkable achievement of 6,200 rushing yards in a single season.
  • Exclusive Content: Gain access to detailed, step-by-step guidance from whiteboard strategy to practice field execution, all condensed into a 50-minute masterclass.

Benefits of Enrolling in This Course

  • Outsmart Defenses: Equip yourself with an offense that has answers to every defensive adjustment.
  • Enhance Team Performance: Implement strategies that have led to record-breaking rushing yards and scoring.
  • Access Expertise: Benefit from Roger Holmes' decades of experience and success, distilled into actionable insights.
  • Increase Winning Potential: Apply tactics from a coach who has consistently overpowered opponents and won championships.
  • Exclusive Learning Material: Get downloadable PowerPoint presentations and free resources to further your understanding and application of the Buck Sweep.

What's Included?

From rules for playside and backside blocking to on-field demonstrations of backfield stance, alignments, and full backfield footwork, this course covers everything you need to master the Buck Sweep. Plus, gain exclusive insights into successful plays against diverse defensive fronts, supplemented with downloadable PowerPoint slides for easy review and implementation.


Who is this course for?
This course is ideal for football coaches at all levels who aim to elevate their team's offensive performance and outsmart their opponents.
How long is the course?
The course spans 50 minutes, packed with in-depth analysis and practical demonstrations.
Is this course suitable for beginners?
Yes, while the course provides advanced insights, it starts with the basics, making it suitable for coaches with varying levels of experience.