Course 4: Rocket Toss & Jet Sweep


Course 4: Rocket Toss & Jet Sweep

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Transform Your Football Team's Offensive Play

  • Exclusive Access: Get all 9 of Coach Alexander's courses for only $47, offering a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn from a seasoned coach.
  • Lifetime Availability: Once purchased, these courses remain in your CoachTube library forever, even as they become unavailable for sale to the public.
  • Jet Motion Techniques: Master box movement and double teaming with jet motion strategies that control fit players, hide the ball, and freeze defenders.
  • Edge Attack Strategies: Discover a superior method to get the ball to the edge, placing stress on ILBs and the secondary, more effectively than traditional bubble screens.
  • In-Depth Video Content: Includes detailed game film analysis across various offensive systems, quarterback techniques, and blocking schemes to enhance your understanding and application of the rocket toss and jet sweep.
  • Expert Coaching Background: Benefit from Coach Dewayne Alexander's extensive experience and success in turning teams around at both high school and college levels.

Why Coach Alexander's Course Stands Out

  • Comprehensive Coverage: Covering fundamentals, snap point & motion man, quarterback technique, and advanced blocking strategies, this course leaves no stone unturned.
  • Success-Proven Strategies: Learn from a coach who has significantly improved teams' performances and standings, including leading Cumberland University to its first conference championship in 61 years.
  • For Life: With lifetime access, you can revisit the course material at any point in your coaching career, ensuring continuous improvement and success.


  • Is this course suitable for beginner coaches?
    Yes, the course is designed to accommodate coaches at all levels, offering both fundamental and advanced strategies.
  • Can these strategies be applied to any offensive system?
    Absolutely. The techniques and principles taught in this course are versatile and can be integrated into various offensive systems.
  • What makes this course a must-have?
    This course offers unparalleled insight from a coach with a proven track record of improving teams, coupled with lifetime access and comprehensive content that covers every aspect of the rocket toss and jet sweep.