Course 11: Intermediate Passing Game


Course 11: Intermediate Passing Game

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Transform Your Offense with Advanced Strategies

  • Multiple Formation Mastery: Master the art of deception with versatile formations that keep defenses guessing.
  • Gap Blocking Techniques: Solidify your offensive line with gap blocking strategies that protect the quarterback and create opportunities for big plays.
  • Quick Passing & PAP/Screen Plays: Enhance your offense with quick passing strategies and play action passes/screens that exploit defensive weaknesses.
  • Advanced Tempo Control: Use multiple tempos to dictate the pace of the game, keeping your opponents on their heels.
  • Deep Route Concepts: Incorporate deeper routes into your playbook for medium to long gains, significantly increasing your passing yards per season.
  • Progression Reading for QBs: Equip your quarterback with the skills to make quick, accurate decisions by mastering progression reading for all four concepts.
  • Comprehensive Video Analysis: Gain insights from detailed game film analysis across multiple schemes, enhancing understanding and application of strategies.

Experience Unmatched Coaching Success

Under the guidance of Coach Mathieson, a celebrated coach with an outstanding record, this course draws on proven strategies that have led to numerous championships, postseason berths, and top state finishes. With 7 coach-of-the-year awards, Coach Mathieson's expertise is unmatched, making this course an invaluable resource for coaches looking to elevate their team's performance.

Exclusive Course Content

  • Rich Visual Learning: Over 35 video segments including game film analysis and play breakdowns.
  • Downloadable Resources: Gain access to downloadable PowerPoint presentations to facilitate learning and implementation.
  • Free Preview Content: Explore several free modules to get a glimpse of the course's value before purchasing.

Why Choose Course 11: Intermediate Passing Game?

This comprehensive system not only doubles your team's passing yards but revolutionizes your offensive strategy with a combination of quick passing, advanced blocking, and deep route concepts. Whether you're looking to refine your quarterback's decision-making or overhaul your offensive playbook, Course 11 offers the tools and insights needed for breakthrough success.


  • Is this course suitable for novice coaches?
    While the course is designed with intermediate to advanced strategies, novice coaches will find its foundational concepts and progressions extremely valuable for developing their skills.
  • How can I access the course materials?
    Upon purchase, you will receive immediate access to all course materials, including video content and downloadable resources, accessible from any device.
  • Does this course cover defense strategies?
    While the primary focus is on the passing game and offensive strategies, understanding these concepts can also offer insights into defensive counter-strategies.