Course 1: Overview Formations Tempo Personnel


Course 1: Overview Formations Tempo Personnel

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Unlock the Secrets to Football Success

Discover the groundbreaking football system that has led Coach Mathieson to an impressive 53-17 League Record and a 91-44 overall record, despite facing some of the toughest competition in the Pacific Northwest. This course offers an inside look into the tactical and strategic genius behind the Left Coast Spread Wing-T System, a unique blend of West Coast Passing, Spread/RPO principles, and traditional Wing-T Gap blocking patterns designed to outmaneuver elite football programs.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Proven Success: Built on Coach Mathieson’s extensive experience and impressive track record in one of the most competitive leagues.
  • Adaptable System: Learn an offensive system that combines time-tested strategies with innovative concepts, designed for teams with fewer Division I players.
  • Comprehensive Content: Includes detailed breakdowns of formations, tempos, pre & post snap reads, and much more over 24 in-depth videos and a downloadable PowerPoint.
  • Versatile Formations: Master multiple formations, including Under Center & Shotgun, Tight End & No Tight End, 2x2, 3x1, and Empty Sets, along with effective use of motions and shifts.
  • Dynamic Tempo Control: Gain the ability to control the game's pace with 7 different tempos, forcing defenses to constantly adjust.
  • Free Preview Content: Get a sneak peek with free access to select videos and system overviews before making your purchase.

Who Can Benefit?

Whether you’re a seasoned coach looking to revamp your team’s offensive strategy or a new coach eager to make your mark, this course is tailored to elevate your coaching prowess. Ideal for high school football programs aiming to compete at higher levels without the advantage of numerous Division I players.


  • Is this system suitable for teams at all levels?
    Yes, the Left Coast Spread Wing-T System is designed to be adaptable for teams of varying skill levels and competitive environments.
  • What will I get when I purchase the course?
    You will receive access to 24 videos covering all aspects of the system, a downloadable PowerPoint, and insight into Coach Mathieson’s successful strategies.
  • Can this system be implemented with players of any skill level?
    Yes, one of the system's strengths is its adaptability and ability to maximize the potential of players regardless of their Division I status.