Competitive Team Shooting Drills


Competitive Team Shooting Drills

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Revolutionize Your Coaching Strategy

Stuck in the cycle of repetitive practice routines? It's time for a change that will not only spice up your sessions but will significantly improve your team's performance on the court. Coach Alaura Sharp, with her proven record of turning teams around, introduces Competitive Team Shooting Drills—a game-changing approach to basketball practices that focuses on competitive shooting drills to enhance shooting accuracy, rebounding, conditioning, and team chemistry.

Why Choose Competitive Team Shooting Drills?

  • Proven Success: Developed by Coach Alaura Sharp, whose strategies have transformed teams into top contenders.
  • Comprehensive Training: Includes a variety of drills such as Post War, 2 vs. 1 Inside Out, Drive and Dish, and many more, each designed to target specific skills.
  • Easy Implementation: Each drill is broken down into easy-to-understand steps, ensuring you can seamlessly integrate them into your practice routines.
  • Boost Team Morale: Inject excitement and competitiveness into your practices, improving team spirit and motivation.
  • Immediate Online Access: Get instant access to the course upon purchase, allowing you to start transforming your practices right away.

Meet Your Instructor

Coach Alaura Sharp is not just any coach. She's a visionary who has led the Presbyterian College women's basketball team to historic successes, including a first-round bye in the Big South Conference Championship—a feat not achieved since 2017-18. With experience at both collegiate and community college levels, Coach Sharp's methods have consistently produced winning teams, making her one of the most respected names in basketball coaching today.

What You'll Learn

From mastering the fundamentals of shooting to advanced competitive drills that will keep your team engaged and improving, this course covers it all. You'll have the tools to significantly enhance your team's shooting accuracy, communication, and overall gameplay, ensuring they're ready to dominate on the court.

Take the First Step Towards Unbeatable Team Performance

Ready to elevate your coaching and bring out the best in your team? Click the "Book This Course" button now and gain full access to Coach Alaura Sharp's Competitive Team Shooting Drills. Start making every practice count!


  • How do I access the course? Once you purchase, you'll receive immediate access through a secure login to our training platform.
  • Is this course suitable for all levels of teams? Absolutely! Whether you're coaching beginners or advanced players, these drills can be adapted to suit any level.
  • Can these drills be integrated into existing practice routines? Yes, each drill is designed for easy integration into any practice routine, regardless of your current setup.
  • What if I have questions during the course? We offer support for any queries you might have during the course. Your success is our priority!