Combining Concepts SSO`s (Screen Screen Options), & PSO`s (Pass Screen Options)


Combining Concepts SSO`s (Screen Screen Options), & PSO`s (Pass Screen Options)

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Revolutionize Your Team's Playbook

Discover the ultimate guide to enhancing your football team's offense with our comprehensive playbook on Screen and Pass Screen Options (SSO's & PSO's). Developed from seven years of high-level coaching experience, this manual is your key to unlocking complex play concepts that will outsmart any defense.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Expert Insights: Crafted by a seasoned high school football coach with thirteen years of experience, including roles as an Offensive and Defensive coordinator.
  • Diverse Play Concepts: Learn how to effectively combine Quick Game concepts with Screens, or even pair Screens together for dynamic offensive strategies.
  • Comprehensive Playbook: Includes detailed demonstrations on Screen's like WR Tunnel, RB Slow, Man Beater, Middle Screen, and DBL RB Slow1.
  • Enhanced Offensive Strategies: Gain insights into both Screen Screen Options (SSO's) and Pass Screen Options (PSO's) to diversify your attack and keep defenses guessing.
  • Easy to Implement: Designed for easy understanding and implementation, allowing coaches at all levels to adapt and apply these strategies effectively.

Why Choose This Playbook?

This manual is not just a collection of plays; it's a comprehensive strategy guide that empowers coaches to build a more dynamic, unpredictable offense. Whether you're looking to refine your Quick Game approach or integrate more complex Screen combinations, every concept is broken down to ensure clarity and successful execution.


  • Is this playbook suitable for beginner coaches?
    Yes, it is designed for coaches at all levels, with straightforward explanations and demonstrations to guide you through each concept.
  • How can this playbook improve my team's offense?
    By diversifying your offensive strategies, you'll be able to exploit defenses more effectively, creating more scoring opportunities for your team.
  • Can these concepts be integrated into any existing playbook?
    Absolutely. The strategies and plays are versatile, allowing for easy integration into your team’s current playbook.