College Playbook - Sets Used in the Tournament for Upset Wins


College Playbook - Sets Used in the Tournament for Upset Wins

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Discover How Underdogs Triumphed

Ever wondered how underdog teams manage to pull off those jaw-dropping upsets in the NCAA Tournament? The "College Playbook - Sets Used in the Tournament for Upset Wins" is your insider guide to the strategic plays that led to some of the most unexpected victories in college basketball history. This playbook doesn't just tell the story; it shows you how it's done.

Why Choose the College Playbook?

  • Exclusive Insights: Get your hands on 33 pages filled with the set plays used by teams like Arkansas, Little Rock Gonzaga, Hawaii, Middle Tennessee State, Northern Iowa, Wichita State, and Yale to secure their legendary wins.
  • Diverse Strategies: Learn about the various man sets, zone plays, and baseline out of bounds sets that can turn the game on its head.
  • Expertise You Can Trust: Compiled with insights from a seasoned assistant coach with stints at Colorado College, Augustana University (South Dakota), Texas Lutheran University, and Haskell Indian Nations University from 2011 to 2019.
  • Easy to Follow: Whether you're a coach looking to inspire your team or a fan eager to understand the game at a deeper level, this playbook is designed for easy understanding and implementation.

Become Part of the Upset Legacy

Immerse yourself in the tactical genius behind the most thrilling upsets in NCAA history. Whether you're strategizing for your team's next big game or simply a fan of the sport, "College Playbook - Sets Used in the Tournament for Upset Wins" offers invaluable insights into the art of the upset. Don't miss your chance to own a piece of basketball history.


  • Is this playbook suitable for coaches at all levels?
    Yes, coaches from high school to collegiate level will find valuable strategies that can be adapted to their teams.
  • How can fans benefit from this playbook?
    Fans interested in the strategic aspects of basketball will gain a deeper appreciation for the game and understand what to look out for during matches.
  • Are the plays hard to implement?
    The plays are presented in an easy-to-understand format, making it simple for teams to implement them in their game strategy.

Don't let this opportunity pass. Embrace the winning strategies that have already changed the course of basketball history. Get your copy of the "College Playbook - Sets Used in the Tournament for Upset Wins" today and start crafting your own legendary victories!