Coaching and Installing the Shield Punt


Coaching and Installing the Shield Punt

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Why the Shield Punt?

  • High Success Rate: A blocked punt can dramatically tilt the game in favor of the blocking team. With the Shield Punt strategy, your punt team significantly reduces the chances of a block, directly influencing the game's outcome.
  • Expert Insights: Authored by Coach Weitz, Co-Special Teams Coordinator at Warren Central High School, benefit from the insights of a seasoned coach from a school with 8 State Championships and a legacy of producing Division 1 and NFL players.
  • Detailed Player Roles & Drills: Every position is crucial in the Shield Punt formation. This book offers an in-depth breakdown of each player's role and specific drills to hone their skills, ensuring your team executes the Shield Punt flawlessly.
  • Proven Track Record: Learn from Warren Central High School's success story. In 2016, the Shield Punt contributed to a 10-2 season, a MIC conference title, and a high national and regional ranking—all with zero punt blocks on 25 attempts.

Benefits of Implementing the Shield Punt

  • Enhanced Team Performance: Mastering the Shield Punt can be the turning point for your team, significantly lowering the odds of game-changing punt blocks.
  • Safety First: This book doesn’t just focus on performance; it prioritizes safety. The specific drills included are designed to keep your players safe while executing this powerful strategy.
  • Build a Winning Culture: Incorporating strategies from a program with a rich winning history can inspire your team and build a culture of success and excellence.
  • Improve Special Teams’ Confidence: With detailed strategies and drills, your punt team will gain confidence in their abilities, knowing they’re utilizing a top-tier punt scheme.

Transform Your Punt Team Today

Whether you're looking to revamp your punt strategy or build upon an existing foundation, Coaching and Installing the Shield Punt provides the comprehensive guide you need to leap forward. This is more than just a book; it's a blueprint for success. Embrace the Shield Punt and watch your team's confidence and performance soar.


  • Who should read this book? Football coaches at all levels, from high school to college and beyond, looking to improve their team’s punt strategy.
  • How will this book help my team? By reducing punt blocks, improving safety, and enhancing overall team performance through a proven, successful punt scheme.
  • Where can I apply these strategies? The Shield Punt can be implemented at any level of football, adapting to your team’s specific needs and capabilities.