Coach Simpson`s Gun T RPO offense - Using Jet Motion in your passing game


Coach Simpson`s Gun T RPO offense - Using Jet Motion in your passing game

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Unlock the Power of Jet Motion in Your Offense

Experience the game-changing strategies that have propelled Coach Simpson’s teams to stunning success. This comprehensive session is designed to revolutionize your approach to the passing game, integrating the dynamic jet motion to achieve unparalleled results on the field.

  • Expert Guidance: Learn directly from Coach Simpson, a seasoned head coach with a track record of turning underperforming teams into formidable contenders.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: From trips passes to boot pass adjustments, gain insights into a variety of tactics including a special segment on utilizing jet motion for an explosive draw game.
  • Proven Techniques: Implement strategies that have led Simpson’s teams to multiple conference titles and playoff appearances, verified by his recognition as 4A-2 Conference Coach of the Year and other prestigious accolades.
  • Rich Content: Benefit from detailed video explanations covering blocking, passing concepts, and specific plays like Rub, Snag, Flood, and Throwback, alongside engaging clips that demonstrate these concepts in action.
  • Exclusive Access: Get a rare peek into Coach Simpson’s playbook with adjustments and clips that show the real-world application of these strategies.
  • Inspiring Success Story: Be motivated by Coach Simpson’s journey from taking over a struggling team to leading them to consecutive playoff seasons and winning two conference titles.

Why Choose This Session?

Whether you’re a coach looking to revitalize your team’s offense or a player aiming to deepen your understanding of effective passing strategies, this session offers invaluable insights from one of football’s most innovative minds. With Coach Simpson's guidance, see firsthand how jet motion can add a lethal dimension to your passing game, making your offense more unpredictable and difficult to defend against.


  • Who is Coach Simpson?
    Coach Simpson is the head football coach at Southside High School in Arkansas, known for his remarkable turnaround of the football program and his innovative offensive strategies.
  • What will I learn in this session?
    This session covers the fundamentals and advanced strategies of the Gun T RPO offense, focusing particularly on the role of jet motion in enhancing your passing game.
  • Is this suitable for all coaching levels?
    Yes, coaches and players at all levels can benefit from the strategies and insights provided in this session.