Coach Simpson`s Gun T RPO offense - Strong Belly Series


Coach Simpson`s Gun T RPO offense - Strong Belly Series

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Transform Your Football Team's Performance

  • Comprehensive Training: Detailed walkthroughs of the Strong Belly run, its integration with the buck, and how to effectively block and adjust plays.
  • Rich Content: Includes PowerPoint overview, Zoom sessions, film clips, and drill videos to provide a multi-faceted learning experience.
  • Expert Coaching: Learn from Coach Simpson, a seasoned coach with a proven track record of turning underperforming teams into conference champions.
  • Adjustable Play: Discover the most adaptable play in the Gun T RPO system, allowing for dynamic in-game strategy shifts.
  • Success Stories: Coach Simpson's methodologies have revitalized football programs, leading them to playoffs and championship victories.

Why Choose Coach Simpson's Method?

  • Proven Results: Adopt strategies from a coach who has led multiple teams to success, overcoming years of poor performance.
  • Easy to Integrate: The Gun T RPO system is designed to seamlessly blend with your current offensive strategy, enhancing it with powerful adjustments.
  • Immediate Impact: The system is not just theory but includes practical drills and adjustments you can implement right away for quick results.
  • Continuous Support: Access to a wealth of resources, including Coach Simpson's books and ongoing coaching insights through social media.


  • Who is Coach Simpson?
    Coach Simpson is an accomplished head football coach with a history of turning struggling programs into championship contenders. He's also an author and a sought-after coach for football clinics.
  • Is this system suitable for all levels?
    Yes, the Gun T RPO offense system, including the Strong Belly Series, is adaptable and can be implemented at various levels of football from high school to college.
  • How can I access the materials?
    Upon purchase, you will receive links to all the training materials including videos, PowerPoint presentations, and exclusive Zoom session recordings.
  • Can I get help if I have trouble implementing the system?
    Yes, Coach Simpson is active on social media and dedicated to supporting coaches through his website and direct communications.