Coach Simpson`s Gun T RPO Offense - Heavy set and Specials


Coach Simpson`s Gun T RPO Offense - Heavy set and Specials

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Why Choose Coach Simpson's Heavy Set and Specials?

  • Comprehensive Guide: Detailed walkthroughs of the heavy offense and specials for explosive plays.
  • Proven Success: Developed by Coach Simpson, who turned Southside High School into a playoff contender and won two conference titles.
  • Expert Strategies: Insights from a coach with a track record of overcoming challenges and achieving significant improvements.
  • Exclusive Content: Includes heavy-package, 2-point plays, and specials not found in standard playbooks.
  • Interactive Learning: Engage with video clips and PowerPoint presentations for a more in-depth understanding.

Benefits of Implementing This System

  • Increase Offensive Explosiveness: Unlock the potential for big plays with carefully designed specials.
  • Customizable for Your Team: Learn how to adapt the heavy set and specials to fit your team's unique strengths.
  • Gain a Competitive Edge: Integrate innovative plays that can surprise and overpower opponents.
  • Build a Winning Culture: Utilize Coach Simpson's strategies to foster teamwork, discipline, and success.
  • Continuous Learning: Benefit from Coach Simpson's ongoing research and updates in offensive strategies.

About Coach Simpson

Currently the Head Football Coach at Southside High School, Coach Simpson has transformed teams from underperforming squads into playoff contenders, earning multiple Coach of the Year honors. His tactical knowledge, combined with a passion for football and teaching, has not only led to on-field success but has also positively impacted his community and school facilities. His books and social media platforms serve as valuable resources for coaches and football enthusiasts alike.


  • Who should purchase this course?
    This course is ideal for football coaches at all levels looking to enhance their offensive playbook and strategy.
  • What will I gain from this course?
    You will gain exclusive access to Coach Simpson's heavy set and specials, alongside a deep understanding of how to implement these strategies effectively.
  • How can I apply these strategies to my team?
    The course offers step-by-step guidance and adaptable concepts to suit different team strengths and player capabilities.