Coach Kiesha Brown (Building Positive Change in your program)


Coach Kiesha Brown (Building Positive Change in your program)

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Unlock the Secrets to Building a Positive Culture

Discover the essential strategies to foster a positive and thriving environment within your program directly from Coach Kiesha Brown. With a storied career that spans from being a Naismith All-American player in Georgia, playing college basketball at the University of Georgia, to a successful tenure in the WNBA, Coach Brown now brings her extensive experience to you. In her current role as Assistant Athletic Director and Head Girls Basketball Coach at Galloway School in Atlanta, GA, she is making significant strides in nurturing a dynamic and positive culture. This invaluable session is not just a glimpse into her journey but a roadmap to transforming your program's atmosphere.

Why Coach Kiesha Brown's Approach Is Unmatched

  • Proven Success: A rich history of excellence at both the individual and team levels, showcasing the effectiveness of her methods.
  • Comprehensive Experience: Insights from a career at high school, collegiate, and professional levels ensure a well-rounded perspective.
  • Practical Strategies: Real-world applications of positive culture-building that are both practical and impactful.
  • Inspirational Story: From her personal journey to her professional achievements, be inspired by Coach Brown's resilience and dedication.
  • Direct Impact: Learn how to apply these strategies within your own program to see immediate positive changes.

What You Will Learn

In this exclusive session, Coach Kiesha Brown delves into the core principles that have guided her successful approach to building a positive culture. She will share firsthand how her past influenced her coaching philosophy and how she implements this every day at the Galloway School. You'll walk away with actionable insights that can transform your program from the inside out.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who should attend this session? Athletic directors, coaches at all levels, and anyone interested in developing a positive culture within their athletic program.
  • What format is the session in? This comprehensive session is available in a convenient digital format, allowing you to learn at your own pace.
  • How can I apply these strategies to my program? Coach Brown's strategies are designed to be adaptable across various sports and levels, ensuring you can make a direct impact regardless of your specific context.
  • Is there follow-up support after the session? Yes, participants will have access to resources and support to help implement the strategies discussed during the session.