Coach Cedric Allen`s Amoeba 3 High Hybrid Defensive Clinic & Philosophy


Coach Cedric Allen`s Amoeba 3 High Hybrid Defensive Clinic & Philosophy

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Unlock the secrets to a formidable defense with this comprehensive defensive clinic led by the experienced Coach Cedric Allen. Based in Missouri City, Texas, Coach Allen brings his innovative Amoeba 3 High Defensive Concept to you, offering insights into his philosophy, structure, player development strategies, and more.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Expert Guidance: Led by Coach Cedric Allen, a seasoned Defensive Coordinator with over 21 years of coaching experience, including the last 7 years at the 5A and 6A levels in Texas.
  • Proven Success: Learn the defense strategy that ranked #1 in the district for two consecutive years under Coach Allen’s leadership.
  • Comprehensive Content: Includes a detailed PowerPoint presentation on the Amoeba 3 High Hybrid Defense, alongside a 1 hour and 57-minute clinic video filled with invaluable insights.
  • Innovative Philosophy: Discover the progressive mindset behind coaching and developing hybrid players capable of playing multiple positions and coverages, giving your team a competitive edge.
  • Collaborative Insights: Gain perspective not only from Coach Allen but also from his team of position coaches who have successfully implemented this unique defense.

Why Choose Coach Cedric Allen’s Clinic?

Choosing this clinic means not just learning a new defense strategy but immersing yourself in a philosophy that has been perfected over years. Coach Allen’s approach to player development and game strategy provides a holistic view of defense that prioritizes adaptability, innovation, and success on the field. Whether you’re looking to revamp your team’s defensive playbook or enhance your coaching methods, this clinic offers the tools, insights, and experience necessary to elevate your game.

Who Should Enroll?

This clinic is ideal for defensive coordinators, football coaches at all levels, and anyone interested in understanding the complexities of a top-tier defense strategy. If you’re passionate about football and committed to excellence in coaching and player development, Coach Cedric Allen’s Amoeba 3 High Hybrid Defensive Clinic & Philosophy is a must-have resource.


  • What will I learn from this clinic?
    You will learn the ins and outs of the Amoeba 3 High Hybrid Defense, including its philosophy, structure, and how to develop players to fit this unique scheme.
  • Is this clinic suitable for coaches at the high school level?
    Yes, this clinic is designed for coaches at all levels, including high school, who are looking to enhance their defensive strategies and player development techniques.
  • How can I apply these concepts to my team?
    The clinic provides practical insights and strategies that can be adapted to your team’s specific needs, helping you to implement a more dynamic and effective defense.