Chris Holtmann Butler University - Ohio State Playbook


Chris Holtmann Butler University - Ohio State Playbook

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Discover the Winning Strategies of a Top Coach

Chris Holtmann, a name synonymous with success in the basketball coaching realm, has a story that inspires awe and respect. From revitalizing a struggling Gardner-Webb team to leading Butler University to three consecutive NCAA Tournaments and earning Big East Coach of the Year, Holtmann has proven his mettle time and again. Now at the helm of Ohio State University, his playbook is a treasure trove of strategies that promise to elevate any team's performance. This comprehensive playbook encapsulates over 50 sets that have been the cornerstone of Holtmann's illustrious career, offering you a unique insight into the offensive genius of one of basketball's most respected coaches.

Why Chris Holtmann's Playbook Stands Out

This meticulously compiled playbook is not just a collection of plays; it's a blueprint for success. Here's why it's an indispensable tool for coaches at all levels:

  • Over 50 Proven Sets: From the Ballscreen Offense series to the 1-4 low baseline out of bounds series, these plays have been battle-tested at the highest levels of college basketball.
  • Great Spacing & Solid Screening: Holtmann's offense is built on the principles of space creation and strong screening, facilitating effective ball movement.
  • Adaptable Strategies: The playbook offers a variety of offensive plays designed to capitalize on your team's strengths and exploit the opposition's weaknesses.
  • Easy to Implement: Despite their complexity on the court, these sets are presented in a manner that makes them easy to understand and execute.

What's Included in the Playbook?

The Chris Holtmann Butler University - Ohio State Playbook is not just a guide; it's a comprehensive coaching tool that includes:

  • Ballscreen Offense series
  • Horns series
  • Isolation series
  • Post diagonal series
  • Numerous assorted man plays
  • A creative set of 1-4 low baseline out of bounds series
  • And much more, all aimed at enhancing your team's offensive capabilities.


Is this playbook suitable for coaches at all levels?
Yes, the Chris Holtmann Butler University - Ohio State Playbook is designed to be beneficial for coaches at any level, from high school to professional.

How can I implement these plays within my team?
The playbook is designed for easy implementation, with clear instructions and diagrams that make the strategies accessible for coaches and players alike.

Will this playbook help improve my team's offensive strategies?
Absolutely. By incorporating Holtmann's proven offensive sets, your team can enhance its scoring options and overall gameplay.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to learn from one of basketball's coaching greats. Elevate your team's performance with the Chris Holtmann Butler University - Ohio State Playbook today!