Catchers 101 by Mike Scott


Catchers 101 by Mike Scott

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Learn the essentials of catching with this comprehensive instructional video series by Mike Scott Baseball. Whether you're just starting out or looking to refine your skills, this nine-part series covers everything you need to know to become a proficient catcher on the big diamond.

Main Features:

  • Catcher Stance and Receiving Basics: Master the proper stance and mechanics for receiving pitches effectively.
  • Catcher Blocking the Ball: Learn techniques to block pitches with confidence and control.
  • Catcher Throwing to Second Base: Improve your throwing accuracy and speed when making plays.
  • Pitchout and Intentional Walk for Catchers: Understand strategic plays and how catchers play a crucial role.
  • Catcher Foul Pops: Develop the skills to catch foul balls and pop-ups with ease.
  • Catcher Signals: Learn how to communicate effectively with the pitcher and infielders.
  • Catcher's Framework: Gain insights into the overall framework of the catcher's role on the field.
  • Glove Location for Off-Speed Pitches: Position your glove correctly to handle off-speed pitches effectively.
  • Preseason Catcher Preparation: Prepare for the season ahead with essential tips and drills.

About Coach Mike Scott:

Coach Mike Scott brings over two decades of coaching experience to these videos. With a focus on understanding player struggles at different levels, he provides valuable insights and techniques to help you overcome mechanical issues. Currently coaching high school and summer college teams in Connecticut, his passion for the game shines through in his lessons, clinics, and now in these instructional videos.