Carlesa Dixon, Applying Defensive Pressure


Carlesa Dixon, Applying Defensive Pressure

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Why This Clinic Presentation is a Game-Changer

Imagine learning from a coach with a track record of turning teams into defensive powerhouses. Coach Carlesa Dixon, with her extensive playing and coaching background, unveils her proven defensive strategies in this comprehensive clinic presentation from the 2019 THSCA Coaches Clinic. Whether you're looking to inspire commitment in your players, communicate effectively with parents, or master the art of defensive pressure, this clinic is your playbook for success.

What You'll Discover

  • Defensive Philosophy & Principles: Understand the core of Coach Dixon's defensive strategies that led to multiple state playoff appearances and championships.
  • Defending Specific Actions: Learn how to effectively counter common offensive tactics, keeping your opponents at bay.
  • Building Commitment: Techniques for fostering dedication from both players and parents, creating a unified team spirit.
  • On & Off Ball Pressure: Master the art of applying pressure both on the ball and away from it to disrupt your opponent's game plan.
  • Exclusive Insights: Benefit from Coach Dixon's years of experience, including key successes and lessons learned.

Coach Carlesa Dixon: A Proven Winner

With a career spanning over a decade in coaching, Coach Dixon has not only excelled at every level but also transformed every team she has led into formidable opponents. Her accolades include 9 state playoff appearances, 2 regional championship titles, and a state championship appearance, making her insights invaluable to coaches aiming to elevate their team's defensive prowess.


Is this clinic presentation suitable for all coaching levels?

Yes, Coach Dixon's strategies and philosophies are designed to inspire and instruct coaches across all levels, from beginners to veterans.

How will I access the clinic presentation?

Upon purchase, you will receive a link to access the full clinic presentation, which you can watch at your convenience.

Can I apply these strategies to any basketball team?

Absolutely. The principles and techniques Coach Dixon shares are versatile and can be adapted to any team, regardless of age or skill level.

What if I have questions after watching the presentation?

We encourage you to reach out with any questions or for further clarification on any topics covered in the clinic presentation.