Building a Winning Culture When You Are Not Around


Building a Winning Culture When You Are Not Around

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Discover How to Foster an Unbeatable Team Spirit, Even From Miles Away

Are you struggling to maintain a strong, cohesive culture within your team or organization, especially when you cannot be physically present? "Building a Winning Culture When You Are Not Around" is the groundbreaking clinic presentation by renowned Coach Hernando Planells that addresses this very challenge. Drawing from his extensive experience with the New Zealand national teams, Coach Planells shares invaluable insights into the art of culture building from afar.

Why This Clinic Presentation Is a Must-Have:

  • Expert Guidance: Learn from Hernando Planells, a seasoned coach with a proven track record at the collegiate, professional, and international levels.
  • Practical Strategies: Gain access to real-world tactics for enhancing communication, strengthening relationships, and fostering a shared purpose.
  • Exclusive Content: Delve into Coach Planells’ experiences and learn through case studies that detail his journey and the successful outcomes.
  • Accessible Format: Enjoy a comprehensive breakdown of culture-building essentials, from leadership to mind workouts, available at your fingertips.

What You'll Learn:

  • The significance of leading with soul and authenticity.
  • How to effectively enforce your desired culture across distances.
  • Ways to meet the four basic human needs within your team for deeper engagement.
  • Strategies for leveraging today's communication tools to enhance connectivity and understanding.
  • Critical culture-shaping questions that will guide your leadership approach.
  • Innovative mind workouts and subtle techniques to maintain a positive mindset.

Who Is Hernando Planells?

With a career spanning roles such as the Head Coach of Jessup Women’s Basketball, Associate Head Coach at Duke University, and Head Coach of the New Zealand U17 National Team, Hernando Planells embodies leadership and success. His journey is marked by significant achievements, including an ACC Championship and top-five ranked recruiting classes at Duke. As a speaker and business owner, Planells continues to inspire and educate on the power of contagious leadership.


  • Who can benefit from this clinic presentation? Coaches, team leaders, educators, and anyone interested in building a strong culture in their organization, especially in remote settings.
  • How can I access the presentation? Upon purchase, you will receive a link to stream the presentation at your convenience, making it easy to watch and re-watch as needed.
  • Is this applicable to non-sports organizations? Absolutely! The principles of culture building outlined by Coach Planells are universal and can be applied across various fields and disciplines.

Don't let distance be a barrier to creating a winning culture within your team. Grab your copy of "Building a Winning Culture When You Are Not Around" today and start transforming your leadership approach and organizational atmosphere for the better.