Bryce Currie - Post Development


Bryce Currie - Post Development

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Transform Your Team's Performance Today

Are you ready to elevate your basketball team's post play to unprecedented levels? Join EWU women's assistant coach Bryce Currie as he shares invaluable insights into developing effective post players. This comprehensive clinic presentation, filmed at the 2020 WSGBCA Coaches Clinic, is a goldmine of strategies, drills, and techniques specifically designed to enhance the fundamental skills of your post players.

Why Coach Bryce Currie's Clinic is a Game-Changer

With over 12 seasons of coaching experience at various levels of women's basketball, Coach Currie brings a wealth of knowledge and practical expertise to this clinic. Having been promoted to Associate Coach in May 2020, his methods are proven, innovative, and tailored to bring out the best in your players. Here are some key features and benefits you'll gain from this clinic:

  • Expert Positioning Techniques: Learn the fundamentals of positioning to dominate the post area.
  • Enhanced Catching Skills: Master the art of catching under pressure and in tight spaces.
  • Advanced Post Moves: Unlock a series of potent post moves and finisher series to outsmart your opponents.
  • Effective Drilling: Gain access to specific drills for post players, including low post drills and post shooting drills, designed to improve overall performance.
  • Comprehensive Teaching Emphasis: Coach Currie's focused teaching methods ensure that each concept is clearly understood and executable.


Who is this clinic for?

This clinic is designed for basketball coaches at all levels who are looking to significantly improve their team's post play. Whether you're coaching a middle school team or a Division I college team, you'll find valuable insights and techniques in this presentation.

What format is the clinic in?

The clinic is presented in a series of video segments, each focusing on different aspects of post player development. This format allows you to learn at your own pace and revisit specific sections as needed.

How can I access the clinic?

Once you purchase the clinic, you will gain immediate access to all video segments through our online platform, allowing you to start transforming your post players' performance right away.

Take the First Step Towards Excellence

Don't miss this opportunity to learn from one of the best in the business. Coach Bryce Currie's clinic is not just a training resource; it's an investment in your team's future success. Elevate your post players' skills, strategy, and confidence with proven techniques from a seasoned coach. Purchase access to the clinic today and begin the journey to transforming your team's post play.