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Introducing "Bounce!" - a compelling podcast that takes you on an inspirational journey with Dan John, a man who has mastered the art of balancing the physical demands of lifting and throwing with the intellectual rigors of academia. This podcast is not just a collection of experiences but a testament to what you can achieve with dedication and persistence. Here are some key features and benefits of tuning into "Bounce!":

Key Features

  • Exclusive Interviews: Dive deep into the world of Dan John, featuring a special 55:23 minute episode that showcases his life and achievements.
  • Expert Insights: Gain valuable knowledge from a Fulbright Scholar who has explored the Middle East studying the foundations of religious education systems.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: From Olympic lifting to Highland Games, and the Weight Pentathlon, where Dan holds the American record, the podcast covers a vast array of topics.
  • Academic Integration: Learn how Dan merges his athletic endeavors with his role as a Senior Lecturer and online religious studies instructor.

Benefits of Listening to "Bounce!"

  • Inspiration: Dan John’s journey from an All-American discus thrower to a respected academic will motivate you to pursue your own goals with tenacity.
  • Motivation: Listening to the challenges and triumphs of someone who has achieved greatness in multiple fields can push you to set and achieve higher goals.
  • Knowledge: Enhance your understanding of how discipline in sports can translate into success in other areas of life, including academic achievements.
  • Wisdom: Dan’s unique perspectives on balancing life’s demands offer valuable lessons in perseverance, dedication, and the power of resilience.

Why "Bounce!" Is a Must-Listen

"Bounce!" is more than just a podcast; it’s a source of inspiration and a guide for anyone looking to overcome obstacles and achieve greatness in all facets of life. Whether you’re an athlete, student, or professional, Dan John’s stories and insights provide a powerful blueprint for success. Don’t miss your chance to learn from one of the most versatile and accomplished figures in both the sports and academic worlds.


  • Who is Dan John?
    Dan John is an accomplished athlete, Fulbright Scholar, and Senior Lecturer with a rich background in sports and academia. He has competed at high levels in various disciplines and now shares his knowledge and experiences through teaching and writing.
  • What topics does "Bounce!" cover?
    "Bounce!" covers a wide range of topics, including personal development, athletic training, academic pursuits, and the intersection of sports and education.
  • How can I benefit from listening to "Bounce!"?
    By listening to "Bounce!", you will gain insights into perseverance, discipline, and success from someone who has achieved greatness in multiple domains of life. It's an invaluable resource for motivation and inspiration.