Block Party: Attacking Protections with the Punt Return Team


Block Party: Attacking Protections with the Punt Return Team

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Why Choose "Block Party" for Your Coaching Arsenal?

  • Expert-Led Strategies: Learn from Coach Andy Merfeld, a seasoned professional with a record of leading teams to exceptional success in special teams performance.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: From philosophy to execution, this series covers all aspects of building a dominant punt block-return team.
  • Proven Record: Benefit from tactics that led Benedictine College to lead all NCAA and NAIA schools with ten blocked punts in 2019, along with top rankings in punt return yards.
  • Exclusive Content: Gain access to the Powerpoint presentation used in the course, complete with editable diagrams and coaching points for easy implementation.
  • Step-by-Step Guidance: Coach Merfeld breaks down the process into manageable sections, ensuring you can apply the strategies effectively.

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Punt Block-Return Team

  • Immediate Impact: Discover how blocking a punt can dramatically change the course of a game in your team's favor.
  • Diverse Strategies: Learn to attack various punt formations, including shield protections, pro-style protections, and rugby punts.
  • Build Confidence: Coach Merfeld's approach not only teaches techniques but also focuses on building the confidence of your team members.
  • Continuous Learning: With three parts covering different facets of punt block-return strategy, you can continuously develop and refine your approach.


  • Is this course suitable for coaches at any level?
    Yes, Coach Merfeld's teachings are applicable to coaches at the high school, college, and even professional levels.
  • How does this course help increase my team's punt block success?
    By providing detailed techniques, planning strategies, and real-world examples, this course gives you the tools to significantly increase your team's punt block success rate.
  • Can I implement these strategies with my current team?
    Absolutely. The strategies discussed are designed for easy integration with your team's current practices and game plans.