BLOB Smorgasbord! Your Baseline Out of Bounds Library


BLOB Smorgasbord! Your Baseline Out of Bounds Library

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Attention Basketball Coaches and Enthusiasts!

Are you looking to elevate your team's performance and dominate the court with unbeatable plays? Look no further than BLOB Smorgasbord! This comprehensive collection of over 500 Baseline Out of Bounds (BLOBs) plays is your ticket to unlocking the strategies of the world's top basketball teams. From the NBA to international powerhouses, these plays have been meticulously collected and compiled by seasoned coach Ido Singer, offering you the insider knowledge to take your playbook to the next level.

Why BLOB Smorgasbord is a Game-Changer

  • Extensive Collection: With 196 pages featuring over 500 BLOBs, you'll never run out of strategies to surprise your opponents.
  • Global Basketball Insight: Plays from prestigious teams like the Boston Celtics, San Antonio Spurs, and international giants such as the Spanish and Australian National Teams are included.
  • Diverse Tactics: Whether you're facing a tough defense or looking for a game-winning shot, you'll find plays for every scenario.
  • Expertly Curated: Compiled by Ido Singer, a coach with over a decade of experience at various levels of the sport, including a Southern Conference championship with UNCG.
  • Easy to Implement: Each play is presented with clear diagrams and instructions, making it simple to integrate into your existing playbook.

Transform Your Team's Performance

Imagine having a secret weapon that allows you to outmaneuver and outsmart your opponents at every turn. With BLOB Smorgasbord, you'll gain access to an arsenal of plays that can adapt to any game situation, giving your team the edge they need to win. Why settle for generic plays when you can leverage the strategies of the best teams in basketball history?


Who is this playbook for?
BLOB Smorgasbord is perfect for basketball coaches at all levels, as well as players and enthusiasts looking to deepen their understanding of the game.

How can I integrate these plays into my current strategy?
Each play comes with detailed instructions and diagrams, making it easy to adopt and adapt based on your team's needs and strengths.

Are these plays suitable for teams outside the U.S.?
Absolutely! The playbook features plays from around the globe, offering versatile strategies that are effective in any basketball league.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to revolutionize your team's playbook. Order your copy of BLOB Smorgasbord today and start leading your team to victory with confidence and creativity!