Black OPS: Game Planning in the RED ZONE


Black OPS: Game Planning in the RED ZONE

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Unlock the Secret to Scoring More Points

  • Comprehensive Guide: Black OPS provides a step-by-step manual to enhance your RED ZONE offense.
  • Dynamic Content: Access to ongoing additional film and weekly RED ZONE breakdowns throughout February.
  • Customized Game Planning: Tailor your offensive play calling with strategies specific to beating man coverage, 7 Across, Bracket defenses, and more.
  • Exclusive Insights: Learn from the undefeated 2019 season with methodologies that achieved a 76% touchdown rate in the RED ZONE.
  • Expert Coaching: Benefit from over 20 years of coaching experience at high school, college, and NFL levels, including strategies that won six Coach of the Year awards, five District Titles, and a State Championship.

What to Expect

  • Weekly Breakdowns: Detailed analysis of RED ZONE opportunities and field area exploitation.
  • 4-Step Preparation: A weekly guide including Practice Planning, RED ZONE Call Sheet preparation, and Game Film Review.
  • Practical Application: Real game examples from LSU, Clemson, and Alabama showcasing successful RED ZONE strategies.

Your RED ZONE Philosophy Reimagined

Black OPS: Game Planning in the RED ZONE challenges you to reconsider everything about your RED ZONE strategy. From the initial game plan to week-to-week adjustments, discover how to craft an offensive approach that not only addresses but outmaneuvers every defensive setup you face. With Black OPS, scoring in the critical RED ZONE becomes more than just an aspiration—it becomes a predictable outcome.


  • How will Black OPS change my current RED ZONE strategy?

    It will offer you a structured, proven approach to maximizing scoring chances by breaking down RED ZONE play into manageable, strategic decisions.

  • Is this guide suitable for all levels of coaching?

    Yes, Black OPS is designed for coaches at high school, college, and professional levels, leveraging decades of cross-tier coaching experience.

  • When can I expect new content to be added?

    New breakdowns and film analysis will be added throughout February, providing fresh insights and strategies.