Big Play Potential in the DOUBLE WING


Big Play Potential in the DOUBLE WING

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Transform Your Team's Performance

Discover the secrets to explosive plays in the Double Wing offense under the guidance of renowned Head Coach Scott Martin. With a focus on base plays that have led to 81% of total offense coming from Power, Counter, Trojan, and Trap, this series is a goldmine for coaches looking to make significant improvements in their team's offensive strategy.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Extensive Game Film Access: Dive deep into selected game films to see the Double Wing offense in action, including rocket tosses, sprint outs, and screens.
  • Expert Coaching: Learn from Coach Scott Martin, with 35 years of coaching experience and numerous accolades, including 13 Time Coach of the Year.
  • Detailed Play Breakdowns: Get breakdowns of key plays such as the Rocket Toss and various pass games, with diagrams and on-block definitions to enhance understanding.
  • Efficient Learning Curve: The series focuses on a concentrated number of plays for better mastery and results, including an introduction to play action protections and no-huddle calls.
  • Proven Success: Coach Martin's strategies have transformed teams, making playoff appearances at every school he has coached and developing players who have gone on to NFL careers.

Why Choose This Series?

If you're looking to maximize your team's offense with high-impact plays, Coach Scott Martin's insights offer a proven roadmap to success. His focus on efficiency and mastery of the Double Wing offense has led to unprecedented success on the field, making this series an invaluable resource for any football coach.


  • Who is this series for? Football coaches at any level looking to improve their offense strategy and achieve big plays.
  • How can I access the game films and diagrams? All materials are included in the series, accessible immediately upon purchase.
  • Will this work for my team? Coach Martin's strategies have proven effective across different teams and levels, making this series adaptable to a wide range of football programs.