Big O - TEMPO 3 Speeds on Every Play Call with No Memorization


Big O - TEMPO 3 Speeds on Every Play Call with No Memorization

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Revolutionize Your Play Speed Without Memorization

Introducing Big O - TEMPO, a groundbreaking approach to football play calling that emphasizes flexibility, speed, and strategic deception. Designed for coaches who aim to outsmart the opposition without overloading their players, our system offers a dynamic way to control the game's tempo without the need for memorization.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Three Adjustable Speeds: Seamlessly switch between speeds to keep the defense guessing, enabling you to take control of the game's pace without predictability.
  • No Memory Plays: Eliminate missed assignments and ensure your team plays fast and accurately, leveraging our strategy that requires no play memorization.
  • Comprehensive Video Guides: Gain access to four whiteboard video discussions on cadence and tempo, along with game tape from UNC Charlotte, to see the TEMPO system in action.
  • Versatile Play Calling: Attach any speed to any play, allowing for hard counts, freezes, or hudl at your discretion, enhancing your play-calling flexibility.
  • Expertly Developed: Crafted from decades of collegiate coaching experience, including positions at Ohio University, Wake Forest, West Virginia, and UNC Charlotte.

Why Choose Big O - TEMPO?

With Big O - TEMPO, you're not just adopting a play-calling system; you're investing in a philosophy designed to elevate your team's performance and outmaneuver your competition. The combination of flexibility, speed, and strategic depth ensures your offense remains dynamic and unpredictable, all while simplifying the learning process for your players.


  • Do I need to have previous coaching experience to use this system?
    No, Big O - TEMPO is designed to be accessible for coaches at all levels, from high school to college, and does not require extensive prior experience.
  • How can I ensure my team effectively adopts the TEMPO system?
    Through the comprehensive video tutorials and game tape provided, your team can learn the nuances of the system ensuring a smooth adoption process.
  • Can this system be integrated into any offensive style?
    Yes, the flexibility of the TEMPO system allows it to be seamlessly integrated into a variety of offensive schemes, making it a versatile tool for any coach.