Belly RPOs: The Surface To Air System


Belly RPOs: The Surface To Air System

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Why Choose Belly RPOs for Your Team?

  • Expert Guidance: Coached by veteran Rich Hargitt, with decades of experience at high school and international levels.
  • Comprehensive Learning: Part 1 of a 5-Part Series on mastering the integration of Wing-T with RPO.
  • Diverse Techniques: Covers Open side Belly RPOs, Tight End side Belly RPOs, and 12 Personnel Game Film analysis.
  • Record-Breaking Strategies: Learn from the playbook that led Emmett HS to become top in Idaho AAAA for passing yards and completions.
  • 24/7 Consulting Service: S2A offers around-the-clock advice to tailor your attack strategy for optimal performance.

Benefits of Integrating Belly RPOs into Your Playbook

  • Increased First Downs and Scoring: Proven techniques to enhance your team's offensive capabilities.
  • Adaptable Strategies: Flexible for teams at any level to implement and dominate on the field.
  • Maximize Player Potential: Utilize Rich Hargitt's coaching insights to unlock the full potential of your quarterbacks and receivers.
  • Winning Record: Apply the offensive strategies that have led to multiple conference championships and record-setting performances.
  • Continuous Learning: Gain access to a vast library of knowledge with the possibility to explore more through the full 5-part series.


  • Is this series suitable for beginners?
    Yes, it's designed to accommodate coaches at all levels of experience.
  • Can I apply these strategies to any football team?
    Absolutely, the techniques are versatile and can be adapted to fit various team dynamics and levels.
  • How can I access the full 5-Part Series?
    Details are provided within the first video for coaches to easily navigate and access the entire comprehensive guide.
  • Who is Rich Hargitt?
    Rich Hargitt is a seasoned football coach with a successful track record of transforming football teams into offensive powerhouses through his innovative strategies.