Baylor Bears `No-Middle Defense` Playbook


Baylor Bears `No-Middle Defense` Playbook

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Discover the Blueprint of One of the Top Defenses in the Country

As March Madness approaches, the spotlight turns to the teams expected to make a significant impact, and Baylor Bears are at the forefront, especially with their impenetrable defense. Thanks to Head Coach Scott Drew's innovative strategies, the "No-Middle Defense" has become a cornerstone of Baylor's success. Now, for the first time, we're offering you the chance to dive deep into this winning strategy with the Baylor Bears "No-Middle Defense" Playbook.

Why You Need This Playbook

  • Comprehensive Guide: Over 120 pages filled with in-depth analysis, positions, techniques, and drills covering multiple scenarios.
  • Instant Access: Get immediate access to the playbook and start incorporating these elite strategies into your game plan.
  • Learn from the Best: Developed by Coach Scott Drew and his team, learn the defensive strategies that have made the Baylor Bears a powerhouse.
  • Prepare for Your Opponents: Understanding the No-Middle Defense is crucial, whether you plan to use it or need to counter it in your games.

A Unique Opportunity

Having this playbook is like having a direct line to the strategies used by top NCAA coaches. It's not just a resource; it's a game-changer for coaches at every level. Whether you're coaching a high school team, a college team, or just a basketball aficionado looking to understand the intricacies of modern defense, this playbook is for you.


How do I access the playbook?

Once you purchase, you'll receive a link to download the playbook instantly.

Is this playbook suitable for coaches at all levels?

Absolutely! Whether you're a veteran looking to refine your strategy or a new coach seeking to develop your defensive playbook, this guide is invaluable.

Can I implement these strategies in my team's defense?

Yes, the playbook provides a detailed breakdown of the No-Middle Defense, allowing you to adapt and implement these strategies with your team.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to elevate your defensive game to the next level. Grab your copy today and see the difference it makes on the court!

Committed to your success,

Scott Peterman