Basketball Skills and Drills Vol. 2 featuring Coach Cliff Ellis


Basketball Skills and Drills Vol. 2 featuring Coach Cliff Ellis

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Transform Your Game with Expert Guidance

Immerse yourself in the wisdom and techniques of one of basketball's legendary coaches, Cliff Ellis. With Basketball Skills and Drills Vol. 2, you get an exclusive opportunity to learn from a coach with a record-breaking career spanning over four decades. Whether you're aiming to enhance your individual skills, or looking to bring your coaching aptitude to the next level, this comprehensive instructional video is your next step to greatness.

Features & Benefits

  • Master Defensive Strategies: Dive deep into individual and team defense with drills covering everything from the basics to advanced tactics like defending the pick and roll and double screens.
  • Improve Your Offensive Game: Learn how to navigate through screens and effectively defend against cutters, elevating your offensive strategy.
  • Rebounding and Free Throws: Enhance your rebounding skills and free throw accuracy with targeted drills and techniques that can make the difference in critical game moments.
  • Exclusive Access to Coach Cliff Ellis’ Insights: Benefit from the strategies of a coach who has over 800 collegiate wins, bringing unparalleled expertise directly to your practice.
  • Comprehensive Training Program: With over an hour of content covering a wide range of topics, this program is designed to elevate your game whether you're a player or a coach.

Why Wait to Be Great?

Don't miss the chance to learn from one of the most accomplished coaches in basketball history. Basketball Skills and Drills Vol. 2 is not just another training video; it's a transformative tool that can elevate your understanding and execution of the game. Whether you are looking to improve your individual skills or seeking new drills and strategies to implement as a coach, this program is a must-have in your basketball development arsenal.


Who can benefit from this video?
Basketball players of all levels and coaches looking for advanced strategies and drills to improve their team’s performance.

Is this video suitable for beginners?
Yes, while the program covers advanced techniques, beginners can also gain foundational knowledge and skills that will be beneficial as they progress.

How can I access Vol. 1?
For a complete training experience, Vol. 1 can be purchased separately. It’s the perfect complement to Vol. 2, covering additional skills and drills.

Is Coach Cliff Ellis involved in other instructional videos?
Yes, Coach Ellis brings his extensive experience to several instructional videos, each focusing on different aspects of the game to provide a comprehensive learning experience.

Ready to take your game to the next level? Basketball Skills and Drills Vol. 2 is the key to unlocking your potential. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by!