Basketball Coaches Clinic, Vol. 5 - The High Post Offense featuring Coach Jim Harrick


Basketball Coaches Clinic, Vol. 5 - The High Post Offense featuring Coach Jim Harrick

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Unlock the Power of the High Post Offense

Discover the offensive strategy that has led teams to victory and championships across the collegiate basketball landscape. In Basketball Coaches Clinic, Vol. 5 - The High Post Offense featuring Coach Jim Harrick, you gain exclusive access to the playbook of one of the most successful coaches in NCAA history. Learn directly from Coach Harrick as he breaks down the components of the high post offense, giving your team the edge it needs to dominate on the court.

Why This Video Is a Game-Changer

  • Comprehensive Coverage: From side posts to screen rolls and everything in between, get all the tools to implement this versatile offense.
  • 4 E's of Success: Embrace Coach Harrick's philosophy of Energy, Emotion, Effort, and Enthusiasm to inspire your team to greatness.
  • Insider Knowledge: Benefit from strategies and practices that have led Coach Harrick's teams to over 470 career victories and a National Championship.
  • Continuity and Balance: Learn how to maintain a balanced floor position that keeps the defense guessing and opens up scoring opportunities.

Exclusive Insights from a Coaching Legend

With a career spanning 30 years, including leading four programs to the NCAA Tournament and winning nine conference championships, Coach Jim Harrick's insights are invaluable. Whether discussing daily practice emphases or breaking down the National Championship High Post Offense, Coach Harrick shares wisdom that can only come from decades of experience at the collegiate level and beyond.


Who should purchase this video?
This coaching clinic is perfect for high school to college level basketball coaches looking to revamp their offensive strategy and inspire their teams to new heights.

What format is the video in?
The video is available in a digital format, easily accessible for coaches on the go.

How can I apply these strategies to my team?
Coach Harrick not only shares the plays but also the teaching points to effectively communicate and instill these strategies in your team, ensuring you can implement the high post offense with success.

Can I benefit from this if I'm an assistant coach or a player?
Absolutely. The teachings of Coach Harrick are invaluable for anyone involved in basketball, offering insights into not just strategies, but the ethos of successful team management and player motivation.