Basic Ball Screen Defenses and Counters


Basic Ball Screen Defenses and Counters

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Attention Coaches and Players!

Do you want to master one of basketball's most effective offensive strategies? Understanding and countering ball screen defenses is crucial for any team's success. Learn from the best, including insights on how Damian Lillard, Trae Young, and Luka Dončić became the most efficient scorers off the ball screen in the 2019-2020 NBA Season.

Why This Video is a Game-Changer

This comprehensive video guide provides you with the knowledge to both implement and counter various ball screen defenses. Whether you're coaching a high school team or playing at a competitive level, these strategies are designed to elevate your game.

  • Expert Analysis: Breakdowns from 3 years on a D1 SEC Scout Team and 2 years as a D1 SEC Graduate Assistant.
  • Proven Strategies: Learn the same techniques used by NBA stars to dominate the game.
  • Accessible Anywhere: Stream our videos on any device, making it easy for team meetings or individual review.
  • USA Basketball Gold Coach License: Quality assured by one of the highest coaching accreditations.

What You'll Learn

By the end of our video, you and your players will be equipped with the skills to read defenses and make real-time decisions that exploit your opponent's weaknesses. Our guide covers:

  • The most common ball screen coverages and how to identify them.
  • Effective counters for each type of defense.
  • How to train your players to react instinctively to defensive setups.
  • Insider tips from a current JV Coach and Assistant Varsity Coach with extensive experience.


Is this video suitable for beginner coaches and players?

Yes! While the tactics are advanced, we break down each concept to be accessible for all skill levels.

How long will I have access to this video?

Once purchased, you'll have lifetime access to stream the video whenever you need a refresher.

Can I share this video with my team?

Yes, we encourage you to use this video as a learning tool for your entire team. Team licenses are available upon request.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to transform your team's offensive strategy. Order now and start mastering ball screen defenses and counters!