Baseline Out Of Bounds Plays (BLOB`S)


Baseline Out Of Bounds Plays (BLOB`S)

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Attention Coaches Everywhere!

Are you ready to gain an undeniable advantage on the basketball court? Imagine your team flawlessly executing plays that leave the opposing defense bewildered and scrambling. With our comprehensive BLOB's Playbook, that vision can become a reality. Designed by a seasoned coach with over 20 years of experience at the high school, collegiate, and AAU levels, this playbook is your key to unlocking a treasure trove of strategic ingenuity.

Why BLOB's Playbook?

Our meticulously crafted playbook is not just another collection of plays; it's a detailed guide to dominating baseline out of bounds situations against any defense. Whether facing a zone or man-to-man defense, our playbook offers a diverse array of plays that seamlessly integrate with your team's continuity offense, ensuring you're always one step ahead.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Over 65 BLOB Plays: A vast collection of plays to keep your opponents guessing.
  • 7 Different Series of BLOB Plays: Each series begins with the same alignment, offering various actions to counter the defense's tactics.
  • Disguise Your Intentions: Easily disguise your plays to put the defense at a disadvantage.
  • 12 Special Plays for Zone Defense: Specifically designed plays to break down any zone defense.
  • Over 50 Man-to-Man Inbounds Plays: Exploit man-to-man defenses with plays crafted for easy scores.
  • Comprehensive 73-Page Guide: Packed with actionable content, including plays, counters, entries, false motions, and drills.


Who is this playbook for?

This playbook is designed for basketball coaches at any level, from newcomers to seasoned veterans. If you're looking to enhance your team's performance in BLOB situations, this playbook is for you.

How will this playbook improve our team's performance?

By incorporating our BLOB plays into your game strategy, you'll be able to exploit any defense, create scoring opportunities, and maintain offensive flow. This strategic advantage can significantly impact the outcome of your games.

Can these plays be integrated into any offensive system?

Yes, the plays and strategies provided in our playbook are designed to be versatile and can be adapted to fit into any team's existing offensive framework seamlessly.

Take the Next Step

Don't let another game slip through your fingers due to unpreparedness. Secure your copy of the BLOB's Playbook today and start transforming your baseline out of bounds situations from a challenge into an opportunity. Your team's success stories are just a playbook away.