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Backdoor Buckets

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Attention Coaches and Basketball Enthusiasts!

Are you looking to add a lethal weapon to your team's offensive arsenal? Do you want to surprise your opponents with perfectly executed backdoor plays? Look no further! Backdoor Buckets is your comprehensive guide to mastering the art of the backdoor cut. Crafted by Jamie Angeli, a seasoned basketball coach with a proven track record, this exclusive collection of set plays is designed to ensure your team can score easy lay-ups and maintain an edge over the competition.

Why Backdoor Buckets?

  • 34 Expertly Designed Plays: Get access to 25 set plays in eBook format and 9 in video format, each carefully crafted to exploit defenses.
  • Demonstrated Success: These are not just any plays; they have been run to perfection at various levels of the game, including a detailed showcase in a YouTube clip at the 6:00 mark.
  • Learn from the Best: Jamie Angeli brings over 35 years of basketball experience as a player, coach, and author, ensuring that these plays are backed by deep knowledge and success on the court.
  • Adaptable and Versatile: Whether you're coaching a high school team or at the collegiate level, these plays can be seamlessly integrated into your existing strategies.
  • Immediate Impact: Implement these plays into your game plan and watch your team's scoring efficiency skyrocket.

Experience Counts

Jamie Angeli's storied career spans impressive accomplishments, including turning around the CCNY Women's Basketball team and achieving success internationally with an unprecedented win record. His coaching methodology, reflected in Backdoor Buckets, is a blend of creativity, analytics, and a deep understanding of basketball dynamics. This product doesn't just offer plays; it offers a winning philosophy.


What format are the plays in?
The set plays come in both eBook and video formats, offering a comprehensive learning experience.

Are these plays suitable for all levels?
Absolutely! Whether you're coaching youth basketball or leading a collegiate team, these plays can be adapted to fit your needs.

How can I access the YouTube demonstration?
Simply follow the provided link to watch the backdoor cuts executed to perfection: Backdoor Buckets Demo.

Is there support if I have questions?
Yes, purchasing Backdoor Buckets gives you access to exclusive support from Jamie Angeli and his team for any coaching questions or clarifications.

Don't let this game-changing opportunity slip through your fingers. Enhance your team's performance, surprise your opponents, and rack up wins with Backdoor Buckets. Order now and transform your team into a scoring powerhouse!