Augsburg University (MN) Transition Offense


Augsburg University (MN) Transition Offense

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Discover the Winning Edge

Imagine your basketball team executing a transition offense so seamless, it not only catches the opposition off guard but also significantly boosts your scoring efficiency. With the Augsburg University (MN) Transition Offense video, you're unlocking a playbook of strategies that propelled Augsburg to become one of the most efficient transition teams in Division 3 basketball.

Why Augsburg's Approach?

Guided by Coach Cloutier’s expert analysis, this 30-minute breakdown reveals the core tactics that have led his teams to consistent victories, including a remarkable 4th place at the 2019 Minnesota class AAA state tournament. This is your chance to learn from a coach who has been at the forefront of crafting high-scoring offenses, earning him accolades such as the Minnesota class AAA coach of the year. Dive into a strategy that’s adaptable across youth, high school, and college levels, and start transforming your team’s transition offense today.

What You'll Gain

  • Expert Insights: Learn from Coach Cloutier, a seasoned coach with a track record of success at various competition levels.
  • Versatile Strategies: Discover how to attack using single-side and 2-side plays, utilize the trail, and optimize the rim runner and spacing for maximum efficiency.
  • Adaptable Tactics: Gain knowledge that can be applied across all levels of basketball – from youth leagues to college.
  • Increased Scoring: Incorporate Augsburg's transition offense to significantly boost your team's scoring potential.
  • Space Utilization: Learn how to give your players the opportunity to make plays in space, simplifying your offensive attack.


Is this video suitable for beginners?

Yes! The basics of Augsburg's transition offense are explained in a way that makes it accessible for coaches and players at all levels, including beginners.

How can I apply these strategies to my team?

The video provides comprehensive breakdowns and examples of each strategy in action, allowing you to easily adapt and implement these tactics with your team.

Will this video help if my team is already proficient in transition offense?

Definitely. Even if your team is already strong in transition offense, Augsburg's unique strategies and Coach Cloutier’s insights can introduce new dimensions to your game plan.

Take the First Step Towards Offensive Mastery

Don’t miss this opportunity to elevate your team's performance with the winning strategies of one of Division 3’s most successful transition offenses. Unlock the potential of your team’s transition offense by getting your hands on the Augsburg University (MN) Transition Offense video today!