Assembly Line Skill Builders


Assembly Line Skill Builders

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Grab Your Coach's Attention

Are you ready to transform your basketball team's performance from the ground up? Imagine your players moving with precision, their shots hitting nothing but net, and their stamina overshadowing the competition. With Coach Jamie Angeli's Assembly Line Skill Builders, this vision can become your reality. Dive deep into a collection of the most effective ball handling and shooting drills developed over a remarkable 35-year career in basketball coaching and training.

Stimulate Interest with Standout Features

  • Nine top-tier skill-building drills: Each one crafted to sharply increase skill levels and stamina.
  • Comprehensive video guides: Over an hour of detailed instructions, including The Gauntlet, Barbed Wire, and The Shooting Machine.
  • Expert coaching: Learn from Jamie Angeli, with an extensive and successful history in basketball coaching at various levels, including significant achievements as the head women's basketball coach at CCNY.
  • Adaptable for all levels: Whether you're coaching beginners or advanced players, these drills are designed to challenge and improve every participant.
  • Exclusive insights: Benefit from techniques and strategies honed across Coach Angeli's diverse and successful coaching career.

Create Desire

Picture your team executing plays with an unmatched level of skill and confidence, pushing past their limits with each game. By incorporating the Assembly Line Skill Builders into your training regimen, you're not just improving their current performance; you're setting them up for a future of success in basketball. These drills aren't just exercises; they're the building blocks for champions. With Coach Angeli's insights, your team will tap into their unexplored potential, mastering the court in ways they've never imagined.

Guide to Action

Don't let this game-changing opportunity pass you by. Elevate your coaching and your team's performance by securing your copy of Assembly Line Skill Builders today. Start crafting your championship-caliber team with Coach Jamie Angeli’s proven methods. Order now to begin your team's transformation!


  • Who is this product for?
    This product is perfect for basketball coaches at all levels looking to significantly enhance their team's ball handling and shooting skills.
  • How long does it take to see results?
    While individual results may vary, coaches have reported noticeable improvements in their teams' performance within just a few weeks of incorporating these drills into their training routines.
  • Can these drills be adapted for individual training?
    Yes, while these drills are designed for team training, they can be easily adapted for individual sessions, allowing players to work on their skills in their own time.
  • Is this suitable for youth teams?
    Absolutely, the drills are designed to be scalable in difficulty, making them suitable for youth teams all the way up through to college level and beyond.