Analytics for Dummies: What We Know and What To Do With It


Analytics for Dummies: What We Know and What To Do With It

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Discover the World of Basketball Analytics

Embark on a comprehensive journey through the evolution of basketball analytics with "Analytics for Dummies: What We Know and What To Do With It." Authored by Logan Dahms, a seasoned assistant coach for the VMI Keydets and a former professional player, this instructional series unveils the secrets behind winning strategies in basketball through an in-depth exploration of analytics over three generations. From the basics of the Modern Box Score to the advanced realms of Present Analytics, this series is your ultimate guide to mastering basketball analytics.

Why Choose "Analytics for Dummies"?

  • Comprehensive Coverage: Learn about all three generations of basketball analytics, from the foundational First Generation - Modern Box Score to the cutting-edge Third Generation - Present Analytics.
  • Exclusive Insights: Gain from Logan Dahms' rich experience across different levels of basketball, including his roles with the NBA's Golden State Warriors and Stanford University men's basketball team.
  • Practical Knowledge: Apply analytics to real-world scenarios, including shot selection, scoring strategies, and recruitment decisions, with our easy-to-understand modules.
  • Free Bonus Content: Get free access to introductory and shot selection modules, providing a sneak peek into the valuable insights awaiting you.

Meet Your Instructor: Logan Dahms

Logan Dahms brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to this course. His diverse career spanning roles as an assistant coach, director of basketball operations, and video and analytics assistant with top teams in the NBA and NCAA provides a rich backdrop for the lessons in this series. Not to mention, his professional playing career in Costa Rica and Moldova adds a unique player's perspective to the analytics discussed.


Who is this course for?
Whether you're a budding basketball coach, an analytics enthusiast, or someone keen on understanding the game on a deeper level, this series is tailored for you.

How do I access the course?
Upon purchase, you'll receive immediate access to all modules through our online platform, including any free bonus content.

Is prior knowledge of analytics required?
No, this course is designed for learners at all levels, including complete beginners. We'll guide you through the basics before diving into more complex concepts.

Can I apply these analytics outside of basketball?
While the focus is on basketball, the fundamental principles of analytics discussed can be applied across various sports and fields.

Embark on your analytics journey today and transform your understanding of basketball with "Analytics for Dummies: What We Know and What To Do With It." Unlock the strategies that lead teams to victory, through the lens of an expert. Your game-changing insights begin here.