All Access Carleton Basketball Practice with Dave Smart


All Access Carleton Basketball Practice with Dave Smart

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Unlock the Secrets to Building a Championship Team

Imagine having a front-row seat to the practices of one of basketball's most successful programs. With "All Access Carleton Basketball Practice with Dave Smart," you get just that. Jay Wright, head coach of Villanova University, praises Dave Smart as "as bright as anyone I’ve met in our business." Now, you have the unique opportunity to learn from the mastermind behind the Carleton Ravens' dominant dynasty.

What Sets This Series Apart?

  • Comprehensive Coverage: Over seven hours of content across four videos, including three practices and one defensive clinic.
  • Culture Building: Insights into creating a culture of accountability and success, where players earn their keep.
  • Defensive Mastery: Learn the “force weak” defense that has made Carleton a nightmare for the opposition.
  • Competitive Practice Environment: Discover how to structure practices that are more challenging than actual games.
  • Offensive Efficiency: Tips on creating an efficient offense through proper spacing, off-ball screens, and dribble penetration.

Why Invest in This Series?

This is not just another set of basketball videos. It's a chance to revolutionize your coaching approach by learning from a coach who has led his team to 12 national titles in 16 years and has been named Canadian Collegiate Basketball Coach of the Year eight times. Whether you're coaching a high school team, a college program, or just looking to improve your basketball IQ, these videos offer unparalleled insights into creating a winning culture on and off the court.

Take Your Coaching to the Next Level

Don't miss this exclusive opportunity to learn from one of the greatest minds in basketball. Dave Smart’s techniques and philosophies are proven at the highest levels of the game. Whether you're looking to build a defense that dominates, foster a competitive practice environment, or develop an efficient offense, these videos will provide you with the knowledge and tools to succeed.


How long are the videos?

The total watch time of the videos is over seven hours, providing comprehensive insights into every aspect of coaching.

Can these strategies be applied to teams outside of collegiate basketball?

Absolutely! The techniques and philosophies covered are designed to be adaptable across all levels of basketball.

What makes Dave Smart’s approach different?

His focus on culture, accountability, and competition sets his coaching style apart and is a key factor in his overwhelming success.

Don't wait to elevate your coaching game. Get your hands on "All Access Carleton Basketball Practice with Dave Smart" today and start building your championship team!