Advanced Skills for Youth Football: Defensive Backs


Advanced Skills for Youth Football: Defensive Backs

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Transform Your Game with Expert Training

  • Comprehensive Drills: Features stance, back pedal, weave, turn & open, and more to enhance agility and reaction time.
  • Ball Handling Techniques: Learn the strip-out and strip-fade pattern, deep 1/3 pattern to dominate in ball interception and defense.
  • Position-Specific Training: Tailored specifically for defensive backs, ensuring skills are directly applicable and maximally beneficial.
  • Expert Instruction: Taught by Coach Mark Watson, with over 40 years of experience in playing and coaching football at various levels.
  • For Youth Athletes: Designed for players aged 6 to 14, making it ideal for both beginners and those looking to refine their skills.

Benefits That Set You Apart

  • Gain a Competitive Edge: Master defensive techniques that will make you indispensable to your team.
  • Quick Mastery: The focused training approach allows for rapid improvement, getting players game-ready faster.
  • Enjoy the Game More: With improved skills, players will experience more success and enjoyment on the field.
  • Access Anywhere: Practice at home or on the field, providing flexible training options to fit your schedule.
  • Build Confidence: Watch as your young athlete grows in skill and self-assurance with each training session.

Why Choose "Advanced Skills for Youth Football: Defensive Backs"?

Whether your young athlete is just starting their football journey or looking to sharpen their defensive skills, this video series offers a structured path to success. Under the guidance of Coach Mark Watson, players will not only learn essential footwork and ball handling techniques but also gain the confidence and competitive spirit needed for the game. Don’t let your athlete's potential go untapped. Equip them with the skills to shine on the football field.


  • Is this video suitable for beginners? Yes, it's designed for players of all skill levels, from beginners to those looking to refine their defensive techniques.
  • How can I access the video? Upon purchase, you'll receive a link to stream the video, making it easily accessible from any device.
  • Are there training sessions for other positions? Absolutely, PigskinKids offers position-specific training for various roles, ensuring comprehensive skill development across the team.