Adding Buck Lateral to your offense


Adding Buck Lateral to your offense

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Unlock the Power of Buck Lateral

  • Comprehensive Guide: Head Coach Tyler Phares unveils the secrets behind the fullback trap as a base play and much more in the Buck Lateral series.
  • Versatile Techniques: Learn diverse plays like buck, swing, trap, belly, and trojan, enriched with game films and lectures.
  • Enhanced Movements: Integrate flood-type motions and basketball shuffle to elevate your offense to new heights.
  • Proven Success: Tyler Phares' formidable track record with the Indians, boasting a 12-1 record and an exceptional offensive performance.
  • Exclusive Access: Gain insights from game films and Q&A sessions addressing key aspects of the Buck Lateral and other strategies.

Why Choose Buck Lateral for Your Offense?

  • Strategic Advantage: The Buck Lateral series offers a strategic edge, making your offense unpredictable and dynamic.
  • Expert Coaching: Benefit from Coach Phares' extensive experience and success, translating his insights directly to your team's performance.
  • Enhanced Player Skills: Players learn multifaceted techniques that improve their adaptability and performance on the field.
  • Optimized Game Plan: Tailor your offensive strategy with a variety of plays that challenge and outmaneuver opposing defenses.

What's Included?

  • Introduction to the Buck Lateral Series
  • Deep dive into base play, BB footwork, and 30 trap
  • Exclusive game films showcasing key plays and strategies
  • Q&A sessions with Coach Phares for personalized guidance
  • A final conclusion to wrap up the series and solidify your learning


  • Can beginners implement the Buck Lateral series?
    Yes, the series is designed for teams and coaches at all levels seeking to enhance their offensive strategy.
  • How will the Buck Lateral series improve my team's performance?
    By diversifying your offensive plays and techniques, your team will become more dynamic and challenging for defenses to predict and counter.
  • Is there support available for questions after completing the series?
    Yes, accessing Q&A segments with Coach Phares provides ongoing support and clarification for your coaching journey.