A System of Zone Trapping


A System of Zone Trapping

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Attention Coaches and Basketball Enthusiasts!

Are you looking to elevate your team's defensive game to the next level? Have you been struggling to find a defense system that is both aggressive and effective? Look no further! "A System of Zone Trapping" is here to transform your defensive strategies and give your team the competitive edge you've been seeking.

Why "A System of Zone Trapping"?

Derived from the vast experience of Coach Shane Dreiling, this comprehensive video guide dives deep into the tactics of the 1-1-3 and 3-2 zone defenses. Unlike any other, this aggressive defense strategy focuses on trapping, constant ball pressure, and strategic positioning to disrupt the opposing team's offense, making it a must-have tool for any serious basketball coach or enthusiast.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Comprehensive Coverage: Covers everything from the basics of the 1-1-3 and 3-2 zone defenses to advanced tactics like trapping and ball pressure.
  • Expert Instruction: Learn from Coach Shane Dreiling, a seasoned coach with over 15 years of experience across all levels of basketball.
  • Practical Demonstrations: Detailed slides and video demonstrations to showcase trapping techniques both off the dribble and off the pass.
  • Proven Success: Based on strategies that have led teams to championship victories, including an 18-0 season with the Dallas Cyclones.
  • Exclusive Insights: Gain access to the unique 3/4 court zone press strategies that are not found in typical defensive guides.


Who is this video for?

This video is ideal for basketball coaches at any level, from high school to professional, as well as basketball enthusiasts eager to understand advanced defensive strategies.

How can I access this video?

Upon purchase, you will receive instant access to stream the video online or download it for offline viewing at your convenience.

Is this suitable for beginner coaches?

Absolutely! While "A System of Zone Trapping" dives into some advanced concepts, it starts with the basics, making it accessible and beneficial for coaches of all experience levels.

Can these strategies be applied to teams at all levels?

Yes, the defensive tactics and strategies outlined in the video are versatile and can be adapted to suit teams at any level, from youth leagues to professional basketball.

Take Your Team's Defense to the Next Level

Don't let your team's defense be the weak link. Invest in "A System of Zone Trapping" today and start building a defense that opponents will dread facing. With the expertise of Coach Shane Dreiling guiding you every step of the way, you're just one play away from dominating the court defensively. Secure your copy now!