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Are You Ready to Elevate Your Coaching Career?

Imagine having direct insight from the minds of those who decide who makes it to the top of the athletic world. The A STEP UP NEXT LEVEL Symposium is your unique opportunity to leapfrog your coaching career. Whether you're dreaming of becoming a head coach or looking to refine your skills, this professional development symposium is the breakthrough event you've been waiting for.

Why the A STEP UP NEXT LEVEL Symposium is Unmissable:

  • Exclusive Knowledge: Gain first-hand insights from executive search firms, senior athletic administrators, first-time head coaches, and seasoned veterans of the game.
  • Live Mock Interviews: Experience real-time feedback through LIVE mock interviews, preparing you to win over search firms and athletic administrators.
  • Success Stories: Hear directly from SUCCESSFUL first-time head coaches like Mike Huger and Marisa Moseley, learning from their journeys and insights.
  • Comprehensive Learning: From understanding what athletic administrators look for in a coach to setting your priorities from budgeting to practice planning, leave no stone unturned in your professional development.

What You Will Learn:

This symposium covers everything you need to know to advance your coaching career, including:

  • The Deciding Factor: What Athletic Administrators Look for in a Coach
  • How to Land on the Radar of Search Firms
  • Winning the Interview - Strategies and real-time feedback
  • Setting Your Priorities Right - From budgeting to practice planning

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who should attend the A STEP UP NEXT LEVEL Symposium?
Aspiring head coaches, current assistant coaches, and anyone looking to advance their career in athletic coaching.

What makes this symposium different?
Unlike any other event, it offers a comprehensive look behind the curtain, providing you with the tools, knowledge, and connections to truly advance your career.

How can I register?
Visit our website for registration details and secure your spot today. Don't miss this chance to step up your game and take your coaching career to the next level!

Don't let this opportunity pass you by. Take the leap and join us at the A STEP UP NEXT LEVEL Symposium. Your future self will thank you!