75 sets by MUMBR� in Bilbao (2018-2020 Playbook)


75 sets by MUMBR� in Bilbao (2018-2020 Playbook)

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Attention Coaches and Basketball Enthusiasts!

Are you looking to elevate your game? Discover the innovative strategies that propelled Coach Alex Mumbrú and his team from LEB Gold to the ACB Playoffs & FIBA Champions League. This comprehensive playbook showcases the best 75 sets used by Mumbrú during his tenure in Bilbao, offering a unique glimpse into the tactical mind of one of basketball's most promising coaches.

Why This Playbook Is A Game Changer

  • Extensive Breakdown: Detailed analysis of 27 plays from the 2018/2019 LEB Gold season, 25 plays from the 2019/2020 ACB season, and 23 plays from the 2020/2021 ACB & Champions League.
  • Expert Insight: Curated by a seasoned basketball coach who specializes in Xs & Os and advanced stats, providing in-depth understanding and application.
  • Global Experience: Learn from a coach who's not only climbed the ranks in Spanish basketball but also boasts a rich playing career with teams like Joventut Badalona, Real Madrid, and Bilbao Basket, including accolades like a World Championship and an Olympic medal.
  • Easy Access: Instant digital download means you can start integrating these plays into your game strategy right away.
  • Exclusive Content: You won't find this level of detailed analysis of Mumbrú's plays anywhere else. Perfect for coaches looking to get an edge or fans wanting to understand the intricacies of high-level basketball.

How Can You Get Your Hands on This Playbook?

It's simple. Visit our website baskeroseno.com or follow us on Twitter @baskeroseno for more details on how to incorporate Mumbrú's winning strategies into your team's playbook. Don't miss this opportunity to learn from the best and give your team the competitive edge they need to succeed.


Will this playbook help me if I'm new to coaching?

Yes! This playbook is designed to offer value to coaches at all levels, providing clear examples and breakdowns that can benefit both new and experienced coaches alike.

How can I apply these plays to my team?

The playbook includes detailed descriptions and context for each play, allowing coaches to adapt them to their team's specific needs and skill levels.

Is this playbook only useful for professional-level teams?

No, the strategies and plays outlined in this playbook can be modified and implemented at various levels of play, from amateur to professional teams.

What makes Alex Mumbrú's plays stand out?

Mumbrú's ability to combine traditional basketball wisdom with innovative strategies and advanced stats makes his playbook a treasure trove of knowledge for anyone looking to enhance their understanding of the game.