73 Bandit Defense for Youth Football


73 Bandit Defense for Youth Football

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Discover the ultimate solution to elevate your youth football team's defensive strategy with the innovative 73 Bandit Defense, a comprehensive system designed to outmaneuver any offense and secure your team's victory.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Comprehensive Defensive Strategy: Combines Coach J. Reed's "Gap Air Mirror Defense" with the traditional 50-series, creating a powerful defense that addresses weaknesses in conventional systems.
  • Designed for Youth Football: Tailored modifications to cater to the aggressive style of play prevalent in youth league, recreational, and school-level football.
  • Proven Track Record: Developed by Coach Keith Magee, a former Div 1 Collegiate QB with 17 seasons of coaching experience, boasting a record of 112 wins and zero losing seasons.
  • Player Development Focus: Includes guidance on identifying player profiles, ensuring the right fit for each defensive position to maximize team performance.
  • Exclusive Access to Coach Magee's Playbook: Get a bonus copy of the 73 Bandit Playbook, providing detailed strategies, plays, and insights to implement the defense successfully.

Why Choose the 73 Bandit Defense?

Choosing the 73 Bandit Defense for your team means opting for a system that is not just about defending but about strategically dominating the game. It's an investment in turning young players into skilled defenders who understand the game deeply and can adapt to any offensive challenge. With exclusive resources like Coach Magee's playbook and a system that blends the best of proven defenses, your team will be on the fast track to a winning season.

Who Is It For?

Whether you're coaching a youth league, recreational, or school-level football team, the 73 Bandit Defense is designed to elevate your defensive game. If you're looking to instill a robust, aggressive defensive strategy that teaches players to play smarter and harder, this is the system for you.


Is the 73 Bandit Defense suitable for beginners?

Yes, it's designed to be adaptable for teams at various skill levels, including beginners. The system focuses on teaching fundamental defensive strategies while providing room for growth and complexity.

How will the 73 Bandit Defense improve our team's performance?

By implementing a strategic defense that addresses common weaknesses in traditional systems, your team will be better positioned to stop the opposing offense, leading to improved game outcomes.

Can we implement the 73 Bandit Defense mid-season?

Yes, while early implementation is ideal, the system is structured in a way that allows for adaptation and integration at any point in the season.