7" Rhino Skin Allround Medium Bounce Foam Ball, Yellow


7" Rhino Skin Allround Medium Bounce Foam Ball, Yellow

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Fun That Lasts: The Indestructible Playground Ball

Looking for a playground ball that can handle anything your kids throw at it (literally)? Look no further than the 7" Rhino Skin Allround Medium Bounce Foam Ball! This brightly colored ball is built to endure endless games of dodgeball, kickball, or whatever their imaginations come up with.

Built for Endless Play

The Rhino Skin Allround Foam Ball is crafted with durability in mind. Here's why it's the perfect choice for active kids:

  • Rhino Skin Tough: This ball features a unique Rhino Skin® coating that makes it nearly impossible to tear. No more replacing balls after just a few uses!
  • Medium Bounce: The medium-density core provides a satisfying bounce that's perfect for throwing and catching games.
  • Soft on Impact: The soft exterior ensures that even the most enthusiastic throws won't leave stings or bruises.

More Than Just Fun

The Rhino Skin Allround Foam Ball isn't just about fun, it's also a great way to encourage healthy activity in your kids. Here are some additional benefits:

  • Safe for Indoor or Outdoor Play: The versatile design makes this ball perfect for backyards, gyms, or anywhere kids want to play.
  • Good for All Ages: Lightweight and easy to throw, this ball is a great choice for kids aged 10 and up, and even adults can get in on the fun!
  • Encourages Active Play: Ditch screen time and get kids moving with a classic game of catch or a friendly dodgeball match.


  • Q: How big is the ball?
    • A: The ball is 7 inches in diameter.
  • Q: Does it come in other colors?
    • A: Currently, the Rhino Skin Allround Foam Ball is only available in yellow.
  • Q: Is this ball good for young children?
    • A: While the ball is soft, it is recommended for children aged 10 and up due to the size and weight.