6" RHINO Skin Ultramax Dodgeball Red


6" RHINO Skin Ultramax Dodgeball Red

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Dodgeball Fun That Lasts: Introducing the 6" Rhino Skin® Ultramax Dodgeball

Looking to add some energetic fun to gym class, playtime, or even backyard barbecues? Look no further than the virtually indestructible 6" Rhino Skin® Ultramax Dodgeball!

This dodgeball is built to endure epic dodgeball battles, thanks to its innovative design.

Built for Champions (and Backyard Brawls)

The key to the Ultramax's durability lies in itsRhino Skin® coating. This patented technology creates a super strong, tear-resistant outer shell that can handle even the most enthusiastic throws.

But don't worry, all that protection doesn't come at the expense of fun! The Ultramax features a soft, low-density foam core that makes it lightweight and comfortable to grip and throw. Plus, the low bounce design means fewer stingers and more strategic dodging!

Here's what makes the 6" Rhino Skin® Ultramax Dodgeball the perfect choice:

  • Virtually Indestructible: Rhino Skin® coating protects against tears and rips
  • Safe and Soft: Low-density foam core is lightweight and comfortable
  • Perfect for Play: Low bounce design minimizes stingers
  • Great for All Ages: Recommended for ages 10 and up
  • Compact Size: 6-inch diameter makes it ideal for younger players or smaller spaces

The Rhino Skin® Ultramax Dodgeball is the ideal solution for gym classes, after-school programs, community centers, or just plain old backyard fun!

Ready to level up your dodgeball game? Get your Rhino Skin® Ultramax Dodgeball today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How durable is the Rhino Skin® coating?

A: The Rhino Skin® coating is incredibly tear-resistant and can withstand even the most aggressive play.

Q: Is the dodgeball soft enough for younger children?

A: Yes! The low-density foam core makes the dodgeball lightweight and comfortable to throw and catch, even for younger players (age 10 and up recommended).

Q: Does the low bounce design make the game less fun?

A: Not at all! The low bounce helps to minimize stingers and encourages more strategic dodging, making the game more enjoyable for everyone.