5 Partner Shooting Drills To Add To Your Practices/Workouts


5 Partner Shooting Drills To Add To Your Practices/Workouts

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Unlock Your Team's Potential

Introducing a game-changing addition to your basketball practices and workouts: 5 Partner Shooting Drills. Developed by Montana Tech's renowned coaching staff, including the insightful contributions of Assistant Coach Tyler Miller, these drills are designed to enhance your players' shooting capabilities, teamwork, and on-court chemistry. Whether you're gearing up for the season or looking to maintain peak performance, incorporating these drills will ensure your players are prepared and confident.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Efficiency: Each drill is designed to be completed within 3-5 minutes per shooter, maximizing practice time.
  • Versatility: Suitable for 2 & 3 partner setups, allowing for flexible incorporation into your practice routines.
  • Proven Success: Developed at Montana Tech under the guidance of Head Coach Adam Hiatt and Assistant Coach Tyler Miller, with drills contributing to significant team achievements.
  • Comprehensive Development: Focuses on a wide range of shooting skills, from free throws to dynamic in-game shots.
  • Easy Implementation: Simple to integrate into existing practice schedules, with immediate impact on player performance.

What's Included

Our meticulously crafted guide includes the following drills, each with step-by-step instructions and coaching tips:

  • Birdie, Bogey Shooting
  • 5 Spot Combo
  • 71-75-100 Free
  • Consequence Shooting Free
  • Seven Spot Four Streak

Meet the Expert: Coach Tyler Miller

Bringing a wealth of experience and a record of success, Coach Tyler Miller's expertise is embedded throughout these drills. His journey from being a celebrated player to a strategic coach at Montana Tech adds a layer of authenticity and effectiveness to this program. Under his guidance, players not only improve their skills but also understand the strategic nuances of the game.


Who can benefit from these drills?
Basketball teams at all levels looking to improve their shooting efficiency and teamwork can benefit from these drills.

How quickly can we see results?
Results can vary, but teams often notice improvements in shooting accuracy and confidence within a few weeks of consistent practice.

Can these drills be adapted for individual practice?
Yes, while designed for partners, slight modifications can allow for individual practice, maintaining the drills' effectiveness.

Don't let this opportunity to elevate your team's performance pass by. Add the 5 Partner Shooting Drills to your practice routine and watch your players' skills soar to new heights.