5 Out Motion Offense


5 Out Motion Offense

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Unlock the Secrets to a Dynamic Offense

Discover the compelling strategies of the 5 Out Motion Offense, meticulously taught by renowned Coach Cliff Ellis. This comprehensive course is designed for coaches eager to elevate their team's offensive game against man defenses. With detailed breakdowns of various cuts, plays, and practice clips, you'll gain invaluable insights into executing the offense with precision and fluidity.

Why Choose the 5 Out Motion Offense Course?

  • Expert Instruction: Learn from the extensive experience and strategies of Coach Cliff Ellis.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: From basic actions to complex plays, get a deep understanding of the 5 Out Motion Offense.
  • Practical Demonstrations: Practice clips included to visualize the implementation of each play effectively.
  • Adaptability: Master tactics to outmaneuver tough defenses and make quick adjustments as the game evolves.
  • Customizable Strategies: Learn to assign tasks based on players' skills, enhancing team performance.
  • Free Bonus Content: Gain access to exclusive sections on shooting drills, implementing hands off, and more.


Who is this course for?
This course is ideal for basketball coaches at any level looking to improve their team's offensive capabilities with the 5 Out Motion Offense.

What will I learn?
You will learn the fundamentals of the 5 Out Motion Offense, including different types of cuts, plays, and how to effectively run the offense against various defenses.

How long is the course?
The course is structured into multiple short segments, totaling over an hour of dense instructional content to provide comprehensive learning at your own pace.

Is there any support available?
Yes, course participants will have access to support for any queries or further clarifications needed throughout their learning journey.

Take the First Step Towards Offensive Mastery

With the 5 Out Motion Offense course, you're not just learning an offense; you're adopting a system that can adapt and evolve with your team. Coach Cliff Ellis's insights and practical demonstrations will empower you to transform your team's offensive gameplay. Enroll now and start your journey to mastering one of the most dynamic offenses in basketball.